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How to setup iRigPro Duo + MidiGuitar2 -> Synth.

Hi everyone!

Can you please help me set up this combination in AudioBus3:

on iPhone SE, I have Audiobus3 and MidiGuitar2 apps. As input I use electric guitar connected via iRigPro duo.
How to set this up in AudioBus3 to control AU synths?

So far, I managed to have midi input MG2, output any AU synth and that works, but can be played only with MG2 keyboard; while MG2 input selector (to pick iRig) is empty (or disabled?).
MG2 standalone works fine.

I cannot figure out how to enable my electric guitar as source for MG2 within Audiobus3.

Please help


  • edited November 2020

    Add MG as MIDI source
    Add Synth as MIDI destination

    Add iRig as Audio source
    Add MG (instance A) as Audio FX

    Add Synth (instance A) as Audio source
    Add Speaker as Audio destination

  • Thank you @mojozart ! :)
    Works perfectly!

  • what is the instance A ?

  • How would I route lets say -Touch OSC- with an app to control via midi

  • Instance A is the instance that was already created.

  • My problem is, I already tried it with my korg bluetooth keyboard and it does not fail, it is the incompatibility with the yamaha p45, you can fix the bug in the mixer screen, it becomes erratic after moving the midi volume button

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