Audiobus 2 and streaming wish!

First of all thank you for this cool (&and essential) app.
For 2 weeks I experiment on bluetooth-network for audio&midi on a custom Linux distro.
Latency seems to be minimal (<10ms) but I can't (for the moment ) stream audio to ipad. The other way (ipad2pc) works fine via A2DP and also bi-directional midi works.
But I feel tired of not making music and trying making workarounds...Any plans of making network input-outputs?


  • It's a limitation of iOS. You can't have an app with an audio session that does recording and a bluetooth audio connection at the same time.

  • Hi, Sebastian .Ι think audioshare does the trick (with handsfree profile and not a2dp) but that's not my main point. I was thinking creating ports over network which can receive or stream audio. Thank you very much for your time!

  • Oh you mean like this?

  • YES!YES!( heart attack!)....But not only to iOS devices ,also PC's...In my poor opinion it could be a great addon for AB2.

  • Yeah we know.

  • the excitement is heart warming ;)

    and reminds me that all of us Audiobus users were equally excited about this potential feature back in the early days.

    The surprising thing is that the current features of Audiobus works so amazingly well that I've nearly forgotten about the wi-fi audio streaming feature, or how I might even use it.

  • We have not given up on this. We just had other more pressing stuff to do.

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