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:: from the garage ::

edited April 2014 in Creations

dear all,

here is my new work. since it was possible making music with ios devices, i just put apart my computer, pedalboards and whatever. giving my iosdevices the total power and responsibility of the hole live performance. integrating them with my instrument to make it a sole thing. until now i worked only with iphone/ipod:

but during this winter, i have been working hard to integrate an ipad with my electric cello and into my music and workflow... well... that video shows the metamorphosis and the resulting work!!

of course, that is a videoclip, what means that there's a lot of video postproduction. due to the cinematic needs and other hundred other reasons, the ipad´s screen images showed in the video don't correspond to the actual and realtime sound processing. but the all the music is played live with my little ipad.

developers' work, and the new possibilities they bring each day, encourage some of us to innovate and go always one step ahead of what is actually possible, i am very grateful that developers listen to the users (ooohhhh michael tyson!! the GREAT. my constant inspiration!!), and from here i want to encourage them to keep on going this way; they are allowing us to change the way music can be composed and performed.

hope you enjoy it!!


  • Thanks for sharing this with us, what app are you using in the first video?

    (God, he's such a creep, isn't he)

  • I really love that first video, musically and artistically. Very nice. your other stuff has been too ... gritty, ambient, unstructured for my taste. but this performance was excellent. I like the direction your music is going.

    Crizzy, I think the screen shots we see don't correspond to the performance (which is a live audio feed, wow) Anyway, it sounds like he's using Samplr. I'd like to know also.

  • Awesome work!

  • @ecce_cello I think you're a little nuts, but that's not a bad thing and I like your cello playing and creativity.

  • Beautiful playing, and a compellingly creative performance. Peter Gabriel would be proud!

  • I agree with @PaulB. The video is really great.

  • Excellent work @ecce_cello! The video on the cello case is a nice touch.

  • Hey!, very nice! Cello always was one of my favourite instruments, and I like how you are implementing ios into your performance. Also, thanks for making a statement, never leave politics out of it, they're part of every breath we take. Good to know, there's people like you out there, keep up the good work!, cheers, tobias

  • Really excellent, in fact I had to watch it a few times.

  • edited April 2014

    thanks guys, it took a lot of work. i appreciate your time.

    i had a serious crisis during the recording, as i spoke with my camera man... what to show on the ipad screen??

    finally i choose to show the more neutral and imprecise app: lemur templates which send virtual-midi out to control the rest of the apps (i used idensity, aufx space, tbmidistuff, midibridge, midibus, turndado, samplr and loopy)

    ... except samplr... samplr has no midi implementation at all (whaaatt!?)

    samplr, samplr... we all love sampr, don't we? but marcos (the developer) seems to be so unreachable. the truth is i wrote to him one month ago. with no answer at all.

    when i get in love with an app (or a software), i always push it to the limits, when i reach the limits, then i always contact the developer to "expand" those limits.

    until now, this procedure worked very fine (...not that fine with sebastian anyway... hehe), me (and other users) get more options and updates, and developers get enthusiastic stimulation and tests for further development.

    i really thought samplr needed little improvements to use it seriously in a live performance as a live samplr (like midi, panning...). so i thought... ok, instead of just being an user that ASK, ASK and demand... let's also offer something. then i offered him 500$ as stimulation and support for updating samplr (at least for "two days of work with chinesse food, coca-cola and complete isolation") ...i make my living playing in the street... so i thought he would appreciate it...
    but i got just silence. :(

    that's it.

    btw: on the subject of being nuts or a crap... look for the most "normal" person on your neighbour, dig a little... and you will be surprised of what this person has in the "basement", or buried in the garden . if you are an aerial pilot or a doctor, you just can't let it out, but if you're an artist... c`mon! i learned since a child to just open to let all things go out, that's what art is for!! isn't it??

  • Nuts is good, crap is bad. I don't think anyone thinks you're crap.

  • Really enjoyed the videos. The first one was awesome

  • @PaulB said:

    Nuts is good, crap is bad. I don't think anyone thinks you're crap.

    I probably caused the confusion by calling him a "creep", but it was between brackets, he wasn't supposed to read that!

  • @ecce_cello said:

    lemur templates which send virtual-midi out to control the rest of the apps

    So does Lemur respond to iOS accelerometer?? If not, which app is registering your cello's movement and triggering the vocal sample in your TEDx song?

  • @Crizzy said:

    I probably caused the confusion by calling him a "creep", but it was between brackets, he wasn't supposed to read that!

    Yeah, that'll work...

  • Really good performance!

  • @hmtx lemur can do WHATEVER you can imagine using midi, but it takes serious script writing.

    i handled accelerometer data very easily using tbmidistuff app. fabien, the developer, is very kind and responsive, he even did a special fix to allow me to use it properly. i also used it to control lights:

    in order to route all midi data more flexibly, i also use midibridge. it's developer, nic, helped me a lot writing small scripts and tricks in order to let me achieve my ideas. he was simply amazing in his treatment and fast of response.

    using these two apps together, you can do anything it comes to your mind –anything–, in terms of midi control.

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