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daily screen capture jams (post and listen)



  • @GeoTony said:
    Broke all my own rules for todays 1 minute improvisation i.e 2+ minutes and not improvised but I liked the tune😊
    Played on Audanika which also appears to screw up screen recording + sorry for the blip right at the end !

    Thanks for breaking your own rules @GeoTony. I really enjoyed todays piece 😊

    Thanks @LinearLineman fiddling is really fun. I have been playing old time music for about 15 years now and thanks to loopy pro i can now use some of the skills i have learned in electronic music.

  • edited February 2022

    this is a screencapture of @SecretBaseDesign ’s visual synth driven by a MIDI track in Cubasis running along the other audio/MIDI (which is mostly splice samples pitched/stretched in blocswave then played/cut in koala, zeeon is the synth and the one note bass is OPL, kick/snare doubled by GR-16)

  • Just wanted to try something at 666 BPM although I’m not sure you can tell…

  • Think we all need some calm at the moment… gentle noodle with harmonics, AU3FX:Space and Flux Mini.

  • SWAM Alto Sax over a tune that Piano Motifs created 2 or 3 minutes earlier…

  • All greyness, menace and discord today as befits the situation…

  • I could not hear the 666 bpm but very nice atmosphere on february 22.

    But todays track ( feb 24) was my favorite @GeoTony track to date. Very nice 😊

  • Thanks @Lorichs , agree about the 666. I originally had Flux Mini in the chain and you could certainly tell then but in a bad way… Just wanted to try it really 😊
    I thought the mood of todays was appropriate and bizarrely I thought I could detect Holsts Mars (The Bringer of War) emerge spontaneously towards the end of the piece.
    Thanks for your continued listening.

  • Very nice alto @GeoTony. I enjoyed it.

  • Playing around with this, NS2

  • Nice @rogp
    I love how you use reversed notes in the bass. Also cool formant.

  • Indian Drummer percussion and drone on this one…

  • Thanks @Lorichs for listening, appreciated.

  • Nice track @rogp , unfortunately I couldn’t get the theme from Knight Rider out of my mind once I’d listened to it 🤔

  • Backing on this is an ascending theme that popped out of Piano Motifs…

  • Using the new Magic Dice from Baby Audio on this one…

  • Thanks for listening @GeoTony, appreciated.

  • Slightly bonkers improvisation using the Harpsichord from BeatHawk…

  • @GeoTony said:
    Slightly bonkers improvisation using the Harpsichord from BeatHawk…

    Very nice refreshing baroque piece here on Audiobus forum. 👍🏼👍🏼. It reminds me of Toccata
    Now you have done a daily jam for one month. Very well done. Congrats 👍🏼👊🏼

  • Thanks for your continued listenening @Lorichs . I appreciate it. I actually missed the 1st February so I am classing this year as a Leap Year and making tomorrow the 29th so I can make it 28 jams 😊

  • @GeoTony said:
    Thanks for your continued listenening @Lorichs . I appreciate it. I actually missed the 1st February so I am classing this year as a Leap Year and making tomorrow the 29th so I can make it 28 jams 😊

    You are welcome. Posting jams for 27 i a row is hard AF. You are the real deal and you got my full respect with or without jam number 28 💪🏼
    But go for the 1 of March 🏁 😊

  • I have declared 2022 a leap year and today the 29th so that I could get 28 improvisations in February.
    Well over a minute but who cares! ZOA providing the very pleasing backing. Same time next year?

  • Congrats on your completion @GeoTony 🏁
    Well done 😊
    I can’t tell if I will do a Jamuary 2023. That depends on how buisy I am at work. But I hope that I have the time.

  • Sorry about crossposting this jam but this one is for
    Dimitrij Pavlov, the maker of Pure Acid who is under Putins Attack.
    See it as an encouragement to post a jam with his apps. I don’t know how it should help but I hope that it will just send some love and good energy his way.

  • No need to apologise @Lorichs , great track, lovely sentiment + agree that a year is a long time in the world we live in at the moment…

  • Thanks @GeoTony and thanks for listening

  • Just stopping by with a quick Gadget Jam. Hope everyone is well. 🙏🏾

  • edited March 2022

    I haven't been uploading or posting in this thread much because I didn't really have content to post. I've been immersed with messing around in Korg Gadget-- trying to emulate a Motley Crue's "Looks That Kill" type of sound for kicks. The slash chords part was less difficult than I anticipated, but the melodies have been hard haha, so all this time I've been kind of stuck. It's been hard finding something that didn't sound exactly like Vince's phrasing yet still retain its character. Same with Mick Mars' riff in the chorus, lol.

    I hope to post that someday, but for now I took a break to mess around with AUM (my first time) and various music apps (midi from Riffler into Atom 2, Digitalism, Rhino amp, Nembrini's Mrh159, Bleass Slow Machine and a couple of Bleass effects. Dunno how to categorise this. Maybe funk?

    I need to catch up on my listening!

  • Nice to hear from you again @Thepixelproducers 😊.
    @AlexY AUM is awesome. Enjoy the ride 👍🏼

  • Thank you @Lorichs!

    I"m catching up on my listening, going backwards. Very nice vibe on that one @Thepixelproducers !

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