PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

AB2 Launch Lists

In AB1, if you were offline and getting a blank launch list, the workaround was to start the app you want to launch from the desktop, then it would appear in the launch list. Is this still the case in AB2?


  • Yep. But you should just go online with the Audiobus app instead so it can grab the latest database dump and you get the list.

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    Sorry, @Sebastian, this is still to do with the Voice Synth issue. If there is access to the database, it seems that AB doesn't check what apps are already running, if there is no access to the database, it does. Turning off internet access may allow a user to run Voice Synth from the desktop, then have it appear in the launch list. This is simpler than the Audioshare IAA thing, about which I share your misgivings...

  • No that's not how it works. We're not blocking access to Voice Synth in any way it just isn't in our database anymore. The database is there so you don't have to do this silly trick of launching an app first while Audiobus is in the background for it to show up in Audiobus. It has nothing to do with if there's internet access or not.

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    Ok, after some testing, it seems that AB checks to see what's running BEFORE it populates the list from the database. The active app turns up on its own in the list while the rest are still being fetched. In theory, that should happen with the current version of Voice Synth and allow it to be launched, but since I have neither VS nor AB2, I can't test it.

    EDIT: Thanks, @Sebastian. Your last post showed up when I posted this one.

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