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Qneo / Voicisynth SDK Audiobus support

edited April 2014 in Support and Feedback

This is what's on the Qneo's Facebook wall :


Audiobus support will be discontinued soon, as it does not meet the stability standards we want to offer our customers. The audiobus SDK in Voice Synth is currently malfunctioning. We advise to use Apple’s inter-app audio (IAA), which is free, integrated in iOS, and stable since introduction.

For continued audiobus support, please ask the audiobus developers to support IAA. Then all your IAA-enabled apps become audiobus compatible, while their stability will not be compromised.

Could you tell us what you think about that ?
(I'm just asking...)




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    what a joke, I mean it is great to push IAA forward, but I don't think it is more stable than AB2. Is it?

    And I don't think it makes any sense to limit users' choices just because the company can't figure out how to make their app work with AB2.

    OK, I'll stop. Someone with a better perspective please chime in.

  • I'd be interested to hear the AB Team's perspective, but, like @hmtx, in my experience IAA has not been "stable since introduction." Would be interesting to hear an honest assessment of IAA from the developer side.

  • OK, so I guess it does make sense for a company to decide what market they want to pursue. It doesn't bother me when devs decide they can't support older versions of iOS for example.

    I just think at this point it seems like an odd marketing decision to exclude Audiobus users. IAA has a long way to go before it is a great user experience.

  • @crony said:

    Apple’s inter-app audio (IAA), which is ... stable since introduction.

    Was this posted on April 1st?

  • 2nd post from this member

    I found the first more interesting

    Oh my how things have changed.

  • Voice Synth has been removed from the Audiobus compatible app list. Apart from being a bit disingenuous, since the current version is still compatible, it inconveniences nobody other than current Audiobus users.

  • @richardyot said:

    Was this posted on April 1st?

    Sadly not.
    I just left a comment on their FB-site.
    So I have to switch to iVoxel, I think? Or I will wait for this new shiny vocoder app, some forum members gonna betatesting? ;)

  • edited April 2014

    We're always working very hard on fixing bugs and other issues that are brought to our attention, especially any issues regarding stability.

    That being said: We don't know about stability issues with the current version of the Audiobus SDK and none have been brought to our attention from the developers of voice synth or any of the other 1131 developers who have access to the Audiobus SDK.

  • edited April 2014

    @Sebastian None of us believe it's anything other than their lack of skill that is causing their problems, but removing Voice Synth from the Audiobus apps list before they update is helping nobody. A lot of Voice Synth users will avoid updating rather than lose the Audiobus compatibility.

  • edited April 2014

    @PaulB: I don't want to comment on that. The only thing I can currently suggest is asking them in a very friendly tone to rethink their decision.

  • edited April 2014

    That won't put the current (compatible) version back in the AB database...
    ...or are you saying devs can remove their own apps from your database?

  • edited April 2014

    @PaulB said:

    That won't put the current (compatible) version back in the AB database...
    ...or are you saying devs can remove their own apps from your database?

    It doesn't have to be in the database to run. You can just launch it manually while Audiobus is running in the background and if the SDK is still in Voice Synth it'll show up and work in Audiobus. Ugly hack-ish workaround but if you really want to use it...

    And you should never update the app either if you want that to work.
    I wouldn't point out this solution to anyone either, but some guys on Facebook are coming up with an even nastier one.
    Today's ugly Audiobus hacks are brought to you by: Inter-App Audio Drama. Please tune in next time.

  • Voice Synth disappeared from the lists in AB, but yes, as said here, if you open it first and then go to the Effect slot list, it's there and it works fine. I wonder where the instabilities are... Well, if this silly decision of blaming AB is what they' will keep, I won't upgrade this app anymore then, since its presence in the Effect slot is the only reason I use it.

  • Is... is now the right time to announce that we're helping sell $50.000+ USD per month of third party developer's apps through our websites? I've yet to come up with a good reason to voluntarily opt out of that...

  • @Sebastian I'm going to leave this discussion here, since I don't have Voice Synth. I just wanted to point out that removing Voice Synth from the database is only inconveniencing your own customers by forcing them to use this workaround. Not the greatest customer service...

  • edited April 2014

    The guys berated Audiobus publicly because they didn't want to (or couldn't?) fix their code. That's just lazy or rude or they have some odd agenda. I say Sebastian has the right to get nasty back. Quietly dropping their app from AB is probably the most civil way to do so.

    Carry on folks. QNeo just made themselves irrelevant (to my workflow anyway). It will be interesting to see if they change their mind.

  • edited April 2014

    I was just pointing out that his aim is off. Better revenge to keep it in and have QNeo discover that none of their customers bother upgrading when they publish the next update.

    Sorry, definitely stopping here... :)

  • I sent the guy an email asking him to reconsider the decision. I also mentioned that @sebastian and @michael are helpful friendly guys and if there are indeed technical issues they might help him work through them.

    This is a great app. A shame to see it go, especially as the awesome level could be significantly increased with AB2's multiroute.

  • @paulb, you are unstoppable and you know it.

  • I'll personally still use it 'cause I like it way more than iVoxel, won't update, will probably see how it works in IAA (only ever used it in AB before).

  • Ha! My first demo for students yesterday used iVoxel with AB2.

    I had the idea to do some robot humor music for Moogfest and was thinking of getting Voice Synth. Um, not now.

    I talked to a new potential music developer yesterday with a grand idea, and the conversation centered around AB. I said adding that will make it a worthwhile app and make you more money.

  • For continued audiobus support, please ask the audiobus developers to support IAA. Then all your IAA-enabled apps become audiobus compatible, while their stability will not be compromised.

    @sebastian Is there a technical reason to not have generic IAA nodes available within Audiobus chains?

  • edited April 2014

    No problem for me, I can use it as IAA in AudioShare inside Audiobus ;-)

  • @syrupcore said:

    @sebastian Is there a technical reason to not have generic IAA nodes available within Audiobus chains?

    Please ask me that in a few weeks again.

  • edited April 2014

    @Sebastian ;-) .....hmmmm! Smells like something good is cooking in the Audiobus kitchen! :-D

  • edited April 2014

    Updated comment from the developer on the Facebook link.

    It seems the developer agrees with syrupcore about IAA being the way forward (edit: sorry, didn't mean to put words in your mouth):

    Dear All, Our recent announcement (see below) to discontinue audiobus support in a future release has a big influence on a group of Voice Synth users. Below you can read details on our motivation.

    First, we love our customers and we do anything to deliver a great experience. In the past years, we listened to every single suggestion and request from our customers and acted on it. As result, the current AppStore world-wide average rating is 5 stars. We never integrated any 3rd party software, but we got so many requests for audiobus that we made an exception. Being musicians, we wanted it too!

    We had a fair share of work on it, including hard decisions to make regarding user experience and app stability. During development of Voice Synth V3.0, we received messages from the audiobus team about stability issues with audiobus/iOS7. We decided to built in an automatic disabling of audiobus when running iOS7, to protect users from crashes. Then, when iOS7.0 was released, audiobus updated no less than four times in one month. Other apps crashed or performed badly, Voice Synth V3.0 continued fine albeit without audiobus support. In mid october we released V3.1 that brought back audiobus support, and also full support for Apple’s native inter-app audio (IAA). After that, audiobus updated twice to arrive at audiobus V2.

    With audiobus V2 released, we received complaints from our customers that audiobus was not working well. We ran several tests and found that selecting Voice Synth in an audiobus slot resulted in a permanent spinner. Please consider the fact that it is audiobus that is failing, not Voice Synth. All Voice Synth functions still work exactly as they did at release in oct 2013, including IAA.

    Some months ago, we contacted the audiobus team, to protect our customers of potential 3rd party software issues. We proposed to incorporate IAA support in audiobus, as this would definitively be the best way to serve our customers:

    • Stability of entire audio app collection does not depend on a single 3rd party app (audiobus)
    • Connect all your audio apps together, be it native IAA or audiobus apps
    • Lowest possible latency (IAA performs better than audiobus)

    So, we awaited the new audiobus version 2 with anticipation, but alas, there was no IAA support. Given that audiobus was not functioning well, we decided to drop native audiobus support in the next update, and focus on IAA only, in line with the above recommendation.

    We fully understand that a large group of our customers uses audiobus, and that our decision has a big influence on their use of Voice Synth. To those affected, we kindly ask to consider our motivation stated above. We also ask them to request IAA support in audiobus. IAA is the Apple standard, and we believe audiobus should not ignore it.


  • For the record, I'm not saying IAA is the way forward—I have no idea. I just asked about it based on Qneo's statements. Sounds like the fellas might have something cooking.

    Even if they do wind up adding IAA nodes in AB (which could be cool I guess) the loss of the AB panel in Voice Synth or other IAA only apps will not be wonderful.

  • So the audiobus dev claims that voice synth hasn't contacted them, and Voice Synth claims they have...

  • @calcutta AB dev claims they never had any bugs brought to their attention from the Voice Synth devs. That rings true so far: sounds like they contacted the AB team with an IAA feature request, not a bug report.

  • Ah ok, fair enough, I misunderstood. Apologies.

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