Using a guitar, keyboard, Sunrizer and Jamup together with Loopy

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First i want to thank you for this great app. Before i was looping 2 ipods together...
Now i am thinking of getting a new setup with my ipod 5th gen.

Guitar -> mic in -> Jamup -> Loopy HD (both controlled by a FCB1010 through Irig MIDI)
Midi keyboard -> SunriserXS -> Loopy HD

I think it must be possible to connect the FCB midi out to a small keyboards MIDI in, then keyboard MIDI out to the Irig MIDI in.

The only thing that seems missing is that SunrisersXS sound will be manipulated by Jamup as well. Is there a workaround?
Or maybe in a future update there can be 2 vertical lines in Audiobus, both ending in Loopy HD.


  • If you put Jamup in the input slot with Sunrizer and leave the effects slot empty the output from Sunrizer doesn't go through Jamup, but it still should process your guitar and feed into Loopy.
    I say 'should' because I don't have Loopy, but I used Cubasis and was able to simultaneously record Sunrizer and Jamup on separate tracks without the Jamup effects affecting Sunrizer output.

  • Thanks! that works :)

    I do still have the problem i cannot adjust the volume in SunriserXS. The sound is way louder than i could even get my guitar to be without serious feedback/noise.

  • @tom you can adjust sunrizerXS' output level on the FX/AMP page. The very last slider is the output volume ("AMP"). Unfortunately, this sits just behind the AudioBus control panel so you'll need to hide the panel to adjust the AMP slider. To hide it, swipe the little grip on the top to the right.

  • Thanks! that did the job :)

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