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Solitude / More Module

edited October 15 in Creations

More Korg Module. The exquisite Solo Cello. Monumental Ganymede Choir. PureSynthPlatinum Kemura Strings. Improvised, as always.


  • McDMcD
    edited October 15

    I love the way the Ganymede Choir "ghosts" the cello. Such a great combination of Module voices. Between sentence 1 and 2 I spent 30 minutes just playing with that combo in AUM along with some Module Strings and synth pads. Epic new tool.

    Noise is going to get a lot less work now that Module is an AUv3 app.

    Beautiful creation Linester. Really subtle and very moving piece. Your variety from piece to piece is impressive. I'm glad Cubasis held together for another Module showcase.

  • Lovely piece, with an apt title, and such incredible improvisation. We’re very lucky to be spoiled so much :)

  • @McD, thank you for the praise. The variety of choirs is truly amazing, but Ganymede does stand out.
    Thanks for the very kind words @Krupa, but it is you who are spoiling me!

  • edited October 16

    @LinearLineman this is incredibly beautiful. I love the background “pad” of the choir and the angelic strings. And that cello is top notch. What beauty this song is. I immediately started listening again when it was over.

  • Wow @mjcouche, that is so kind of you to say. It means a lot to me. Thanks!

  • You’re really churning out the music! This is another great piece, and if I don’t comment on every one here, just know that I have listened to them all (or try to) on SoundCloud and they are all fantastic!

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