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Module Test / AmericanD, KApro Strings, Hybrid, Choirs

edited October 14 in Creations

Well, Module works great. Flawless, even. Wish I could say the same for Cubasis3. I managed to mix this track down, but the project corrupted and I had neglected to create a duplicate.

Still, a good representation, I think, of the American D piano, recital preset. In addition, KApro String Quartet, Cello and Orchestra, Hybrid brass and Monumental Choirs.


  • McDMcD
    edited October 14

    Some stunning moments here... I'm glad you got it out before the great crash. Maybe someone knows if Cubasis 3 saves work in progress so you can roll back and remove the "Hybrid Brass". I wish there was an app that could auto-remove cheesy presets. Synths have their place and this was just not one of them.

    I would probably soften the velocity curve on the American D piano too. Just a bit too jack hammer in it's touch.

    These harmonic lines are some of your best work for my tastes. It sounds like
    something I've heard before in short bursts but that comes with the style and the amount of music in this vein that I carry inside me... Michel LeGrande for example. There's a sense to his lines that you also generate in your creations so I can see reflections of past listening experiences and in a very good way because they trigger feelings.

  • Sounds great @LinearLineman - my one and only American D

  • Thanks @pbelgium.
    @McD, yeah, the project broke down as I was auditioning Hybrid presets. I don’t think the Hybrid sounds are a big addition to Module’s armamentarium, however.

    The track quotes “My One And Only Love” in case you’re not familiar with it.... I can’t imagine you’re not, tho.

  • Really dope stuff 🤙🏾.

    The frustrating part is I buying these sounds but not having this level ability available as an iap 😩💀🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Yes, My one and only love ! Nice rendition. You sold me on the Kapro Iap, damn !

  • @LinearLineman said:
    The track quotes “My One And Only Love” in case you’re not familiar with it.... I can’t imagine you’re not, tho.

    Yes. That's what I was getting. Beautiful tune.

  • That's a wonderful performance @LinearLineman. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Sounds great.. amazing work as usual! Sorry to hear about the project file. I think CB3 really needs a “Save As” function.

  • @rs2000, thanks for commenting, my friend. Much appreciated.
    @Intrepolicious, thank you for your continued listening. CB3 has”Duplicate” on the project screen. Not quite as convenient, but it does the job...if I remember to do it.

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