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Can irig pro be an external interface compatible with ab2?

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  • Don't know if it's the same, but I'm using my iRig HD as a input.

  • Sorry if this is a dumb question - how is that different than using whatever app is using irig HD? IOW, if I'm using amplitube hooked up to my irig, how is using irig as an input different than amplitube? Thanks!

  • Using irig (or any other hardware interface) as the input in AB takes the raw audio from the interface. Using Amplitube as the input to AB, the settings in Amplitube affect what is fed into AB. In some cases only a minor difference, in others an extreme.

    For example (with AB multi routing option), you could use the irig as input to 2(or more) audio chains. Each with its own amp and effects or one could be the dry signal from the irig and the other through multiple effects.

  • Ah, thanks!! That's what I was looking for, some "real world" examples of how multi-chains might work ... I'm looking forward to seeing how people use this

    One question with your example - can AB2 use the same app differently? Meaning, can I have irig go to amplitube in one chain with its own set of stomp pedals, and then another instance of amplitube going to a different set of effects ?

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