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Improvised jazz track Using NeosSoulKeys EP, RC275, Soft Drummer, iFretless Bass and iFretless Brass.


  • wow! very cool. do you play all the instruments and overdub? or is there some random midi triggering going on?

  • Great... now I'm 2 behind.

  • Very nice, that bass was funky. That gave me some Jaco vibes

  • @Fingolfinzzz said:
    Very nice, that bass was funky. That gave me some Jaco vibes

    I'd like to hear some Jaco, for sure. +1.

  • Did Jaco play the vibes?

  • Super tight track broheim.

  • Wow! Hey, if you could leave a little talent for the rest of us.. that would be great!

  • @LinearLineman said:
    Improvised jazz track Using NeosSoulKeys EP, RC275, Soft Drummer, iFretless Bass and iFretless Brass.

    They hear jazz. I hear Emerson Lake and Palmer

  • i hear Mezzoforte

  • Totally into this. I wish you had a real drummer to play with because SD doesn't do it justice.

  • edited October 9

    @shinyisshiny thanks so much. I recorded the bass in the left hand and right hand piano/EP together using audioveek midi keyzone. I duplicated the 00:45 stretch 6 times to make it 5:30. I added iFretless Euphonium. Took about ten minutes to record the instruments. Then added Soft Drummer track. Whole track took about two hours.

    Thank you @Fingolfinzzz. Don’t know jaco, but will investigate. And thank you (edit: now I know, of course!)
    @Wrlds2ndBstGeoshredr. Can’t wait for that SWAM sax and hopefully their trumpet. @Intrepolicious, thanks, Ed. There’s plenty of talent spread around here, yourself included.

    @audiobussy, thank you. Not sure about the ELP, but I did work some midi magic to get it a little closer... maybe?

    @noob.. will check them out, too.

    Thanks @gusgranite. I agree. For me the AI drums are more like adding the “idea” of a drummer. Tho I do try to improvise on Lumbeats as it’s going along, changing the mix, sound sets, swing and jam intensity.

  • Very very nice!!! :smiley:

    Check out the soundtrack to the old Super Nintendo videogame called Castlevania IV, I think you'd dig the ”jazzy” tracks in it. Some of the best tracks/music ever made. Many songs with upright bass. Felt some Castlevania IV vibes here and there and had to mention it but doubt you've heard about this game from 1991? :)

    Masanori Adachi & Taro Kudo = Geniuses!

  • @Treazure, many thanks for liking this. I did check out the Castlevania4 soundtrack and found it very good in a chiptune way. And actually did see some similarity with my styles of music... but not really on this one. Maybe you could explain or indicate where in the soundtrack below. Regards, Mike

  • Not a specific song in the soundtrack, just some moments in your track has a certain feel to it that made me think of Castlevania :)

  • Nice! This made me think of one of those Eddie Murphy movies where he plays 4 different characters and brings them to life so you can forget it's one person.

    The keyboard and bass players are in sync even without the drummer at the front.

    Then I want a little baggie of the scales that Fluegelhorn player is smoking'. Definitely
    the MVP of the band for me. If his FluegelHorn has "Euphonium" printed on it that's an inside joke.

    What's the BPM for this one? I know you don't use clicks but Soft Drummer needs to have a setting. I can figure it out but I'm curious. Mostly because of the smoking' flugelhorn lines.
    That's the kind of solo a student would transcribe to learn what scales to use to sustain interest and build tension in a solo.


  • Thanks @McD. Your review means a lot to me. The track is at 210 bpm. If you ask me what scale was used I would have to say the chromatic scale. I never learned “jazz” scales. Just major, minor, melodic minor and harmonic minor. Any note is possible when I play. As you say, context is everything. Somehow, it happens.

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