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Does an iPad Pro power the MC-101?

Can someone with both an iPad Pro and a Roland MC-101 test whether the iPad can power the MC-101? Does anyone know the answer to the question?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi yes it does

  • No, the 2017 iPad Pro with Lightning port won't power the MC-101.

    I believe I mentioned this on the other forum, but when powering it over USB with my Akai Force, there is a ton of noise on the audio outputs, making it unusable. I tried about 10 different USB cables, some with line-lump filters, etc. Not so with my Windows laptop. ymmv.

  • I was able to power it with an iPad Pro, USB-C connection. Very convenient.

  • edited October 17

    @papertiger 2020 or 2018 iPad Pro? Is there noise on the audio, when using class-compliant audio?

  • @Sequencer1 said:
    @papertiger 2020 or 2018 iPad Pro? Is there noise on the audio, when using class-compliant audio?

    I will have to doublecheck on the model.

    I didn't notice any noise on the audio in the brief time I had with it, but I didn’t run any specific tests. I can give it a try. As we've discussed, the class compliant driver is such a pain for audio that I use the MC-101 USB audio with the laptop.

  • Thanks @papertiger! But don't trouble yourself, I believe it's just a grounding issue when connecting it with certain gear that's not battery-powered, so the iPad shouldn't be affected.

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