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WU: AUHighShelfFilter by Jens Guell


The WU (Wrapped Units) Series high shelf filter exposes the user interface of the systems Audio Unit and makes it available to all host applications that support AUv3 audio processing plugins. Even if those hosts do not support it directly. Use the audio effect, well known from GarageBand on MacOS and iOS with any host application and ensure same sound with your projects at any host.

Universal: Yes
Minimum OS version: 12.0
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  • Anyone can tell me if am I def or if it is working for you. To my hear the high frequencies that have to be boosted remained unefected.

    Also the frequency slider, I can not scroll through the left over the middle.

    Anyone else?

  • Here is a short video.

  • According to the readout, the max cutoff (break) frequency of 22,050 Hz is reached with the slider in the middle. How's it work if you lower the break frequency?

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