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How To Choose A Bluetooth Portable Speaker?

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Today’s smartphones are portable music powerhouses – there are services such as the MUVE music service that’s bundled with No Contract phones, or Spotify for other phones, that allow you to enjoy unlimited access to millions of songs, right from your phone, no computer needed. However, when it comes to sharing all that music, the built-in speakers in most of today’s smartphones leaves much to be desired. Thus, I’ve seen a big trend towards small, portable speakers that connect to my phone via Bluetooth, without needing any cumbersome wires. There are a several different Bluetooth speakers out there, and it can be tough to determine which one is best for me.

I want you to help me get the right Bluetooth speaker, so below you’ll find some of the top Bluetooth portable speakers, along with the differences, to help me make the right choice when it comes to my portable party.



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  • Hah, looks like this spam got neutered.

    If anybody is seriously wondering, just make sure it has a 3.5 mm input option for when you want to perform/ create music. Audio over Bluetooth has too much latency for live performance.

  • I got an iLoud a few days ago and am liking it pretty much. I've mostly listed to recorded music on it so far, though I've hooked it up to the phone/pad a bit too. Totally scored on it- they were $197.99 at (but not anymore)

  • Two questions:

    1. Is IK-Multimedia iloud stereo or does it require to buy two to monitor both right and left.

    2. Who else checked them and can give a recommendation about their quality and how they behave while comparing to other speakers around this level.


  • This thread is spam and not the type loved in Hawaii.

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    It's stereo. I read all the reviews I could find before I bought it, and nearly all were positive. I don't really have any basis for comparison, so I'm not going to actually endorse the product, but it sounds great to me.

    The first post was spam, I'm just trying to turn it into something that may be useful to someone.

  • I still have a bad taste in my mouth with IK...

    There is this Sony model, not specifically geared toward music performance, but looks like it has great specs (also 40W total power like the iLoud)

    Sony SRSBTX500 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Premium Speaker System

  • also, interesting that the Sony is very clear that on battery power you only get 20W performance. the 40W is only when connected to external power.

    @zymos, does the iLoud specify total power when on battery?

  • Thanks @Zymos and @Hmtx.

    Also I flagged the spammer with -1.
    Maybe Admin can remove its user and entries.

  • The specs for that Sony at the Amazon link also say "1. Measurements: 10 watts minimum RMS power at 6 Ohm load from 150-10,000 Hz with a THD of no more than 10% (using AC power)."
    For whatever that is worth....

    There is no indication I can find that the iLoud has any different power when on battery. It's certainly not any less loud using the battery.

    I know, everyone loves to hate on IK, I've done it myself lots of times, but I surprised myself by buying this and being happy with it.

  • @Zymos said:

    The specs for that Sony at the Amazon link also say "1. Measurements: 10 watts minimum RMS power at 6 Ohm load from 150-10,000 Hz with a THD of no more than 10% (using AC power)."
    For whatever that is worth....

    I'm glad they include the details but... well beyond my understanding. So Zymos, whatever is that worth?

  • Beats me!

  • @Shay said:

    Thanks @Zymos and @Hmtx.

    Also I flagged the spammer with -1.
    Maybe Admin can remove its user and entries.

    I also agree with you

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    Lol, why is it so easy to spot a fake review? Flagged. ( not you, Michael)

    Scratching my head about the quoted reply above ...

  • Bluetooth speakers are really good option to enjoy good music on the back deck. Selecting a best portable Bluetooth speakers might be little bit confusing for anyone, as there are so many options available. While buying listen to as many sets of speakers, check their transmission range, go on the shops like and check out which one comes at your expectation, compare the power capabilities of the amplifiers and last check whether they are compatible with all Bluetooth devices or not.

  • The BT speaker I have is the UE Mini Boom. It's a small package with unexpectedly clear and undistorted volume and excellent bass. I have one though you can buy two and set them up in stereo placing them physically apart as desired.

    They're not a good fit for decent or high level music production (though they might be a decent option to test mastering for the mp3 crowd). I would not like working with them in my daily setup. If I had to I'd far prefer a good pair of headphones. For traveling and vacation, however, it really is superb.

  • Actually, this thread has helped me a lot as I've been wondering about outboard spearkers for casual listening on the patio with my iPad.

  • For something a bit alternative you should check out the JukeCase by Son Valise. A portable Bluetooth suitcase speaker with up to 40 hours playtime and awesome sound quality, including deep bass. They look awesome too!

  • Forget Bluetooth, get a Minirig...

  • Just to add to the choices, I bought a JamBox as I found someone selling them on amazon for around £60. Turned out it was a refurb which they should have mentioned but overall I'm happy with it. It has a nice sound, battery lasts for ages and it's really portable. Not a huge amount of bass but definitely loud enough for me. It also comes with mini-jack cable if you need it. Joc

  • Jbl extreme guys!!! That thing is crazy. Even has two charging USB ports on it.

  • Btw that ^ guy does the best speaker reviews :)

  • I love my minirig, and they're Bluetooth now.

  • @johnhardra said:
    Hi penagray, this is johnhardra from the USA.
    In recent 6 months i am using Liztek's Bluetooth Speaker and believe me this is one of the best speaker i ever had. So, my suggestion for you is that must try this bluetooth speaker for the better experience.


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    I have been extremely impressed with the performance of the ILoud. Volume is the same on battery or plugged in also. Does not reach audible distortion levels even at full volume which totally surprised me. The name ILoud is very well deserved and the sound to my ears is ISuperb! I would have killed for this rig as a boy! Carrying an amp to my friends houses really sucked compared to this. I put the iPad and ILoud with cables into a small ruck sack and grab my guitar now and can set up anywhere I choose with no sweat. And it is louder than the old heavy Ampeg tube model I used to tote as well.

  • @MirEko said:
    Jbl extreme guys!!! That thing is crazy. Even has two charging USB ports on it.

    +1! I love mine and I have yet to hear anything better in this size and price category.

  • I've had the iLoud for a month now. Use it Bluetooth while swimming my morning laps and as a guitar interface for a quiet bedroom amp with an iPhone or pad late at night. No problems whatsoever and it can get more than loud enough. More impressed with the sound quality than I expected to be. The bass port actually works.

  • The JBL GO brings JBL quality sound all over. Your all-in-one speaker resolution, the GO streams music via Bluetooth from smartphones and tablets, power-driven by a chargeable battery with up to five hours of playday. it’s conjointly equipped with a convenient noise-cancelling telephone set, permitting you to select up calls while notturning your speaker off. accessible in eight vivacious colours with a sleek and sturdy double-injection finishing, the JBL GO provides exciting, attention-getting distinctionwhere it goes and simply compliments anyone’s vogue. A intrinsic strap-hook and ex gratia carrying strap, permits you to bring your music all over. in an exceedingly world wherever vogue and audio go hand in hand, the JBL GO is everyone’s excellent companion.
    The JBL is the best choice

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