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Apple Silicon - what does the future hold?

Just curious if anyone has considered the ramifications of being able to run iPad apps on Apple silicon-based Macbooks. Could this alter the perception of iOS audio production and move it more mainstream? I actually could care less what the preception is, I just imagine being able to use my beloved iOS audio apps and AUv3's alongside desktop-class DAWs like Ableton, Bitwig, and Logic. But would I even need to? Which leads me to this... What about desktop software? It seems a paradigm shift is coming and I'm thinking about how this all plays out in the long haul. It seems like there's an awful lot to unpack here in regards to how these software ecosystems move forward. Would Cubase move to block Cubasis from running on an arm-based Mac? What about Garageband, do we continue using both or are they unified? Will macOS Big Sur be ported (jailbreak) to the iPad? Will touch come to the Mac (seems like Big Sur is making a strong case). We are moving into some seriously uncharted territory here that no other OS has had to deal with at the moment. What are your thoughts?


  • iPads will remain with iApps, App Mobile , App Compact ,iName it !

    They are designed to run 99% on battery ,with slim design , meaning resource hangry apps will get negative reviews when draining the battery , plus the cpu will always throttle to limit consumption & heat .
    Also I don’t think iPad Pros will have the horsepower of the new Macs.
    But we’ll definitely see more apps , better apps , especially on the DAW area . Limited versions or not ,it will be superb :)

  • This won’t affect anything in the short-term, but ARM has just been sold to NVidia.
    Be interesting to see what happens, there might be a conflict of interest between NVidia’s in-house CPUs and graphics processors, and big ARM customers like Apple trying to the same thing in an ARM based chip.
    We might end up with another unwanted architecture shift down the line. How this affects app capabilities is anyone’s guess.

  • The NVidia thing seems like a bad thing for everyone. ARM has always been a neutral broker.

  • Interesting, I didn’t know Nvidia was in the mix now.

  • There was an app thread here just a few days ago in which the developer indicated that they marked the app as being available on Apple silicon-based macs (when they cone out). It’ll be interesting to see which developers embrace Macs and which remain iOS/iPadOS only.

    I doubt that there will be any integration between iOS and macOS apps, other than possibly sharing the clipboard and file system or some kind of virtual IDAM, any time soon.

  • A company like Apple can use the ARM instruction set (maybe with a license) and make a chip that will run from those instructions. ARM obvious made chips that did just that but Apple doesn't buy them, I suspect. They make their own chips now and do not sell them to others. So, the Nvidia issue will not change much. Nvidia isn't currently making any iPad or iPhone like devices... maybe they will down the road but probably not. They kill in the Graphics Processor Market and their hardware has been adapted to make super-servers with a ton of floating point processors for applications like Giga-Flop Compute Clusters for applications like weather modeling and scientific research areas like computational chemistry and Genetic Engineering. Drug research and design is a biggie right now tackling Covid potential remedies at the level of RNA/DNA molecular "machines" than could be vaccines.

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    Drug research and design is a biggie right now tackling Covid potential remedies at the level of RNA/DNA molecular "machines" than could be vaccines.

    Nanobots man. They will cure ALL diseases and make us race of superheroes. Like literaly - super fast healing even from injuries, long underwater swimming without need of breathing, and lot other stuff.. Far future, coming soon ;-)

  • Looks like companies like Fabfilter and Eventide have already been doing their R&D in readiness and in the process have made a little money back on their investment. Potentially very promising all round. My guess is that the Apple world will become more unified as time goes on. I wouldn't expect some of the desktop apps to be running in their full glory on iPads, but maybe their integration and ability to work more broadly across the devices will come into play more. Then again back in the day it was considered that a Pentium II processor was server level stuff and that what we do now on iPads with audio was barely conceivable for computers. Interesting times.

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