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App that strum arpeggios with single note played on midi controller

Hi! Maybe the title is a little bit confusing, but I will try to be more clear here.

Is there an iOS app that I can use as an audio effect that can strum an apeggio when I play a single note on my midi controller?

Let's say that I play the note C on my midi controller. I only play 1 note, C. The app will automaticly play a C Major Arpeggio (C, E, G). Maybe the app will allow me to add more fonctions to modify the arpeggio. So if I select CM7 in the options, the app will add 1 more note to the arpeggio (in this case B).

I already have Drambo if you asked me, but I am still a noob with this app so I don't know how to do this (if possible).

My LaunchKey MK3 allows me to hear chord when I play a single note, but to arpeggios when I play a single note.

Thanks for your suggestions.


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