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A Thumbjam/Drumjam jam!

edited December 2012 in Creations

This only took me 10 minutes, and most of that was working out how to record the session properly.

I created a few one bar loops in Thumbjam and Drumjam, recording them in Loopy HD. I then found that you can use Loopy HD's session recorder and jam over the loops with Thumbjam. Everything you play in Thumbjam when doing this is recorded as live audio. This is brilliant! Am loving discovering little Audiobus tricks!


  • That is awesome!! Loved it.

  • Very lively! :)

  • Hey Michael,

    Can you create a version of that track:

    That only consists of the part starting around 2:16? I'm a big fan of that. The first bit is a bit too experimental to me with regards to harmonies.

    Just showed it to Michael (Tyson) and he's a big fan of it, too.

  • Yep. Love it =)

  • Nice! I did a jam with a very similar setup, but with JamUp Pro dirtying up the TJ live jam:

  • edited December 2012

    No problem, Sebastian - I'll do that after I get home. :) Glad you liked it!

    EDIT: Wow, was just playing around with Thumbjam in lunchtime, jamming over loops, and totally lost track of time. Audiobus and Loopy are totally the missing ingredients for me with this app, as I never quite got on with its recording functions.

  • I've re-uploaded the track!

  • Out of curiosity Michael, what aspects of TJ's built-in looping features put you off, vs your experience with Loopy via audiobus? If you want to move that discussion over to the ThumbJam forums, it would be great!

  • Sure thing, Sonosaurus. :)

  • Track has been tweeted! Thank you!

  • Yeah, that was pretty neat! Reminded me of a futuristic detective/secret-agent show theme song...

  • U bumped an old thread! Glad u did too cuz that was sweet. James bondish

  • edited May 2014

    Blast from the past....

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