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Been deleting apps that clip by double digits. Also thought there were a stutter effect on ipad volume control. Maybe I just never noticed. Can anyone confirm this is normal or db in AUM would be linked to frequencies and frequencies are volume. Do filters gain 30db. Also other apps that raise frequency clip the same.


  • Of course you can make almost any app output a much louder noise than you might normally want. The drawback of having the ability to invent your own sounds means that you can also create noises like this.

    In your example with Mela you are boosting the resonance such that it is clipping but what would you expect? If you are using your apps in a way that causes huge peaks in volume, add a limiter onto your output.

    I use TB Barricade. It might save your hearing..

  • And your headphones. I had to get my beloved grados fixed after an aum session where I wasn't using a limiter. Will be more careful henceforth

  • So the filter on Mela is normal. An init patch. Frequencies do raise on the filter thing but by double digits. With barricade set a few db less? I deleted Looperator which was clipping but think thats just looperator. Then noticed phosphor was hard to control. Then mela by 20db. So I got paranoid. I think you would need a barricade on mela channel and not just master. If channels might clip a few db and you set levels in synth also. 20db over creates a ducking effect in barricade. From a filter?

  • Anyone have Mela confirm the resonance in filter raises by 20dbs or raises db a lot. Thanks Jocphone.

  • I always use limiter. I think i need a limiter just on mela?

    Sorry about your headphones.

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    That's what the resonance is for. Boost gain around cutoff point. Why are you surprised? Devs give you a tool, it's up to you how will you use/abuse it... Or you can delete all your apps :)
    I would delete an app if I couldn't clip it

  • So its different to a normal filter? Because its an xy pad? Can you confirm on mela you can find spots which boost by 10-20 db. App is good. Best synth.


  • You only need limiter on your master out to protect you headphones/speakers, internal clipping isn't an issue... and using common sense it can be avoided easily.

  • Just researched. Seems normal but 20db. Guess its just for sweeps.

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    It is a normal filter. But instead of 2 knobs (cutoff freq and resonance) you adjust them from xy pad. Every filter will clip if you crank up the resonance. Many will self-oscillate. It's actually something you should want :)

  • Only asking if it can raise by 10-20db. I think limiters duck other channels if it has to compensate for such high db. It was the same when I had elastic drums through Drambo and didnt notice the gains before limiter. It ducks other channels or seems that way to ear. I guess its why it ducks what you are filtering also.

    So the Mela filter raises db like I showed? Its just for sweeps?

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    As a starting point turn your levels down in AUM. Loud music is great and exciting for when you want to rock out but when making music it will be much less tiring/dangerous if you turn all your volumes down to more comfortable levels.

    It will help with your clipping problem and may mean that you don't actually need to delete any of those apps.

  • Im not saying I dont. App is good. Just noticed clipping from different apps and always make sure tracks dont clip.


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    Track can clip (but it's always better to keep some headroom). Master track should not. All you have to do is dial back the resonance when you hear it's too much. It's there because in some cases that's what you may want to achieve (not blowing your speakers, but self-oscillation)

  • Apps are back. Refunded an app to buy Mela ( pending funds )

    Yeah its bad for hearing.

  • Synth is intuative and filter is best iv heard on a synth. Usually im ill so low frequency isnt nice but this is like sound in a wooden box but in a good way. I prefer playing synths to sequencing. You would obviously give up medicore synths and a sequencer for a good synth and keys.

  • Is the top line bar in Aum ok to monitor clipping? Just the top line not both lines?

  • The top meter can display any input, output or bus (tap on 3 led meters next to top/bottom nodes to change its focus). There should be a text above those meters, which should help you identify what's being monitored. If it's your main out then that's not good, for any other track it shouldn't be a problem.

  • Thanks mate.

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