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How to share aum internal AU presets?

Is this even possible? Seems they can't be sent be email


  • The Internal presets are stored in the AUM\Audio Unit Presets folder on the iPad (not sandboxed so visible in the files app). However, although they're in individual folders per AUM session the naming convention isn't helpful so if you're in the habit of saving loads of presets it's going to need a bit of detective work to find them. The individual presets are saved as .aum_preset files - at least they're the same name as the preset! You should be able to trigger a share on the individual files...

    Hope this helps...

  • @Gavinski The locations are „On my iPad/AUM/Audio Unit Presets“ with the naming/folder specifications @enkaytee mentioned.

  • No no guys, I can find them OK. But when I try to share, using Gmail for example, I get the message that these can't be shared @enkaytee @MrBlaschke

  • @Gavinski Hmm, i can ‚share‘ them to mail and gmail using files app and directly in AUMs sub-folder. (At first i though you might have to copy the file elsewere). IOS 10.6 iPad Pro 10.1

  • @Gavinski Just emailed you a preset which I shared directly from the files app...

  • I had started this thread:

    which inludes a link to a ZIP file with AUM App presets for the PSA1000 Jr (it's the SansAmp 'Factory presets'). This post also has the installation instructions.
    Since Nembrini do not have preset management outside the sandbox, the only way I could share was via AUM presets.

    One trick to find the preset folder for an app: save a new AUM app preset, then browse 'Audio Unit Presets' in Folder sorted by 'Date' - the folder you want is listed first.

  • edited September 2

    @Gavinski Sometimes it really helps to restart the device - like being on Windows... facepalm
    Or even force-quit the files app, wait a few minutes until internal time-out run out and restart the app. Sad as it is - it is like that...Sometimes. play Erasure Sometimes chorus here :smile:

  • God.... The dreaded restart fix..... Wow. OK, I'll try that 😂 thnx guys

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