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Synthmaster One iOS Midi Prest select working?

Hi All

I am struggling to get the midi presets selected in Synthmaster. Need some help please .

I am using Midi Designer Pro 2 with a fixed Chanel for Synthmaster.

I have 5 other apps all working perfectly, selecting multiple presets again all on their own fixed channels.

Just can’t get Synthmaster to connect. Any ideas?

Using IPad Pro - up to date IOS



  • _ki_ki
    edited August 2020

    There are a lot of the essential infos missing:

    • Which Host are you using
    • Synthmaster one: AUv3, IAA or Standalone
    • No info about the midi routing, which other apps work etc
    • Do you use the hosts preset change mechanism (ie AUM via MidiControl, AudioBus via MidiCommand) or Synthmaster Ones internal preset change
    • If using the SMO internal method, did you assign them in the app ?
  • Hi Ki

    Thanks for coming back

    Set up is as follows :smile:

    I use Midiflow to output from Roland Key board to each of my 5 apps in a seperate channel 2-4-6-8-10

    Each app is hosted in AUM.

    I use a Midi Designer Dash board I have created to control each of the apps, muting, faders, and switching into each of the apps if required.

    Within the Dashboard I have a number of Preset buttons, which linked to the various apps presets directly. I use the program change functionality in the midi designer button controls. They all work really well.

    With Synthmaster, i am using IAA.I have not done anything different but it just doesn’t seem to connect?

  • So with IAA, you need to use the SynthMaster One internal preset change mechanism.

    I just checked with AUM and SMO IAA and managed to change presets using midi ‚program change‘ commands. There was some setup necessary:

    In SMO, i first had to open the preset-browser and select a bank to be available for preset change. Then press the ‚cog‘ settings icon in the top right and assign that bank to ‚midi bank 0‘.


    Now sending a PC-0 to SMO will change to preset 0 of this bank. Sending PC-1 will load preset 1 and so on.

    You can clear and edit these bank assignments on the ‚midi programs‘ page (second tab in preset browser)

    If you want to change between specific presets, its the easiest if you create a new bank, copy the presets into this new bank and select the bank as midi bank 0.

    If you want to change between more than 128 presets, you could setup several banks - but then you need to send a ‚midi bank select‘ command before sending the program-change command.

    BTW: I used channel 1 for my tests, but a midi channel can be configured in SMO‘s settings page.

  • Hi Ki

    That is amazing work and really appreciate you helping me so quickly.

    It’s such a brilliant app and the sounds are excellent.

    Have you managed to get a copy of the iOS manual yet? I’m struggling to find one.

    I would love to learn more on the seq/arp capabilities.

    Have a good Sunday


  • _ki_ki
    edited August 2020

    The manual is included in the app, but its a bit hidden :)

    • In standalone, above the keyboard press the ‚About‘ button
    • In the About dialog, press the HELP button (in lower right)
    • Select ‚Synthmaster One IOS Manual‘
    • From the pdf viewer, you can ‚share‘ the file (for instance into the books app)

    The manual has 44 pages and looks quite extensive. I didn‘t yet read it, but glanced through the arp/seq chapter that runs over 7 pages. And learned that SMO supports polyphonic sequences, one can use the midi keyboard or even drag&drop midi files into the sequencer dialog to input the steps.

    BTW: The HELP button is not present in the AUV3s ‚About‘ page.

  • Thanks once again :-)

  • To _ki —- Thank you also from me. I only use the Audio Unit version on a day-to-day basis, had no idea where the manual was. Thanks, now downloaded to my pdf. I had registered, but that was all.

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