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Zoom R8, R16, etc. Use iPad fx

I'd like to incorporate something like the Zoom R8 or R16 to my setup. Use the iPad as a sound source but try recording in a dawless setup, using the R8 (r16 or whatever) as a multitrack.
Besides drums machines, synth... if like to process guitars, vocals, etc with auv3 effects. I'm wondering how it could be done. When used as audio interface the r8 has 2 ins 2 outs, the r16 has 16 ins but only 2 outs... Is there a way to route the output of a track in the R8 to the iPad, process with fx and back into another track?.
To recapitulate... An example

  • Record a dry guitar on a track in the r8 (or r16 or whatever)
  • send that track to the iPad, (audio interface mode). Process with Amp sim, compression...
  • track with printed fx back to the r8

I'm afraid I can't think of a way to do this with only 2 outs... I'm guessing the iPad comes out of the master... Can you record the master to another track?. While in interface mode?
I hope it makes sense... I can't find a good setup for what I envision.
I'm guessing the zoom livetrack, with more outs might do it, but I hear the routing is not as flexible... And way more expensive.


  • I cant see how in interface mode how you send it to the ipad. Maybe its got features that i dont know.

    I thought you can only record from the inputs of the r8, which then go into the inputs of the ipad in real time. To put recorded tracks onto the ipad, i use audioshare wifi sharing and put the r8's sd card into my laptop and share to the ipad from there.

    Best off contacting the zoom facebook group for advanced stuff like this.

  • Yeah, I think it can't be done, at least not in interface mode. Can you even record to an SD track when in interface mode?. Don't think so. You'd need to be able to route the output (master?) to an input...
    Or if it had fx sends...

  • You can play a separate audio track out the R8’s headphone jack, but not direct from the iPad. It need to be prerecorded first.

    The lack of ins and outs was the only reason I sold my R8, which I loved in every other way.

    You could always pair it with a small mixer.

  • Seems like Tascam model 12 can do this, and I’m guessing Zoom live track aswell. I just liked the smaller footprint of the R8/16. I really don’t need that many simultaneous inputs.

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