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New original song

edited March 2014 in Creations

Not really an IOS recording... but I thought I'd share anyway. At least the scratch tracks were recorded on my iPad. Actually pretty convenient, recorded them in cubasis and shared them with my producing buddy, who brought them to a real professional studio (first time for me, awesome experience! btw).

Aaanyhow... here it is, hope you enjoy.


  • edited March 2014

    First off, I do not comment or listen to those who join just to post their soundcloud just to get listens, the cream will naturally rise. I have seen your contributions so here it is....

    It's a sunny day song, as it is here today. Country pop, had my wife jumpin around, put her in a good mood and wanting to dance, Thanks for that, she needed that.

    Nice vocals and the guitar sits nice @ 2:39, would like if it were extended. No way, Is that a REAL drummer? Great production, your buddy did a good job. It sounds very polished. What instrument(s) do you play on this track?

    I thought the Jeff Buckly cover was great! Great vocals dude. Somebody get this guy a contract if he doesn't already have one @8^}

    Would like it if more "members" posted their music they are making as I am a music fan first and a musician second.

    Take care.

  • Thanks for your feedback. Yes, that's a real drummer. He's by far the youngest member of the band, 25 years old son of our bass player. I'm the second youngest at 41... Where did the years go? Still amazed he wants to play with us old geezers :-)

    Anyway, my contributions to this track, besides writing the song, is accoustic guitar, lead vocal and keys.

    My producing buddy played the electric guitars. (Tele through supersonic and tele through super reverb).

    I feel really priviliged to be surrounded by such gifted musicians, who are also willing to make music with me. Makes it easy to explore ones creative sides.

    Again, thanks for your kind comments.

  • i really like what you have done here, my friend! it might not be your style but please could you let me know what you think of my music

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