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Earhoof - New App with AB & IAA

From their website

Earhoof is a musical instrument which combines a powerful sound generating engine with an innovative rhythmic playback mechanism. Simply by holding the surface, complex rhythms trigger and seamlessly transition, while the sounds the internal sequencer generates continuously vary as you glide your fingers across your device. Even though Earhoof is easy to play, its flexibility makes it easy to create your own techniques.

Earhoof is a powerful instrument creation tool. Not only does it allow you to layer multiple audio files, it allows you to continuously alter the sonic properties of these layers along the length of the instrument. By drawing curves for the effect parameters (Gain, Pitch, Pain, Filter Frequency and Q, Delay Send, and Sample Offset), it is very easy to create expressive instruments which sound different at each point along the playing surface. Importing your own WAV or AIFF files is as simple as dragging and dropping into the app via iTunes File Sharing. A$5.49

Lots more info here

Absolutely no idea what it sounds like



  • Looks really cool, but not going to risk $5 till I can at least hear a demo.

  • No demo's on website or on YT that I can see.

  • We have a potential brave tester of it in the iPad Musician group - I'll LYK what he thinks if he does indeed become the guinea pig on this horse ;-)

  • Guinea Pig is looking somewhat scared

  • I still dont get why some developers doesnt upload vids, sound or info about their apps, that looks like a treat for take the money and run, the description looks good but please we need more info. Before buy i came for the iphoneography scene and you see a lot of "developers" stealing your money with crap apps, i hope that doesnt happen in the ios music scene too.

  • I took the plunge. Unlike Mosaic, I think some people will like this app. You can create your own wave forms to control various parameters. There's tap tempo or you can enter a tempo. Generate random curves, ramp up or down. Lots of ways to play the app.

  • edited March 2014

    Just emailed the dev and asked him to drop by the forum.

    Edit: bought it and it's actually pretty cool. No probs so far with AB haven't tried as IAA.

  • Hi Folks.

    Here's the video, took a while to upload… will update the website with it shortly...

    Enjoy, and hit me up with any questions.


  • Hi & welcome Brendan, nice app. How about ACP next update? iTunes file sharing is a pain.

  • … bumping it on the backlog as we speak…

  • I like the look of it and it seems to have a unique sound. I assume it is just rhythm and not for melodic application?

  • Hi PhilW,

    You can spatially modulate an assortment of DSP parameters along the length of the device. One of these parameters is pitch. You can continuously map it with a hand drawn curve (in cents), or have it snap to melodic pitches, at which point little markers will appear on the playing surface to guide performance. There's a lot here, and future videos will hopefully elucidate some of these features.


  • I'll have a video up for this in an hour or so, simply brilliant, I mean really brilliant, you wont believe what you can do with this

  • This and Auria in one day. Well pleased. Look forward to your video Doug.

  • This is smokin'... Very creative/inventive! hats off to you, Brendan (@Psicada), and congratulations.

    Will wait for Doug to fill in w the details...

  • Buying it now - looks to be a really fun and creative app! Thanks for the enthusiastic demo.

  • welcome, Brendan!

    Earhoof looks great. if i were gonna nitpick, I'd ask about other options for importing your own samples besides ITunes filesharing.

  • Great video, Doug (and produced in record speed:-) You said it all in the video… A very, well done, useful app...

  • This app look great!! Since the first video got my attention with ACP will be awesome

  • This is a bit good. Lots going on under the hood, I need to read the manual to work out how to best unlock the instrument's melodic potential but initial experiments are going well! Will be even better after ACP is in.

  • This app look great!! Since the first video got my attention with ACP will be awesome

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    The thing I really like about it is that it's trying something different - treating the iPad as a futuristic instrument rather than a standard synth keyboard interface. There aren't enough apps which push that side of things. TC-11 was pretty much a one-off (and too complex for me to program effectively, embarrassingly) and I'd love to see more crazy stuff appearing.

    EDIT: Not to forget Samplr, of course!

  • Picked it up this morning. I love it. Still getting into the deeper set, but right off the bat the inspiration it gave was more than welcome on a Friday after a long week...

  • edited March 2014

    First two minutes & it looks & sounds awesome...between the endless variables of this, drumjam, sector, sliver & samplr my future live sets are pretty much sorted ! ( not forgetting turnado, the AUFX's & other FX slot buddies :)

  • I think I'm about to be 5 bucks lighter in a minute here. Slick looking, and sounds great. Welcome, Brendan.... and fantastic work!

  • Always glad to see the devs join. Great job on this Brendan!

  • Hi @Psicada your app has great potential, especially if I could synchronise it with other apps via midi. Have you any plans to add midi clock sync to Earhoof and if so, can I recommend the Midibus SDK.

  • Earhoof is great loads of fun. Very nice sounds! Yes MIDI sync would be great but also please implement AudioShare SDK for easy sample import.

    Bravo Psicada!

  • Yes.... +1 for AudioShare!

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