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pitch shifting apps!!!

are there any pitch shifters ?


  • There are tons. There was actually a thread on this a few months ago here, so you can just search the forum. I did a video on Woodulator a few days ago, which is one of the good options.

    It's a delay too but you can disable the delay part.

    Crystals by eventide is another good choice:


  • Just released, Koala FX and Frekvens By Erik Sigth

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    Be careful, a frequency shifter is not a pitch shifter.
    I'm using the common wording used by most musicians here.
    If you want a classic pitch shifter effect like from the well-known Eventide, Digitech (Whammy) or TC effects, you'll be disappointed by the sound of frequency shifting like in frekvens or in other freq. shifters.
    Frequency shifters are technically perfect but they sound very unnatural.

  • Interesting that this topic should crop up again, I did a Live Stream earlier this evening for Harmony Eight Pitch Shifting Delay

  • AudioStretch?

  • @IOSSOS said:

    @IOSSOS said:


  • Pitch shifter in NuRack sounds good to me. You can create a rack and add compression, eq, filters, distorsión and maybe some modulation... Saves a lot of time .

  • Jens Guell’s P3. Hands down the best pitch shifter on iOS.

  • @Philandering_Bastard said:
    Jens Guell’s P3. Hands down the best pitch shifter on iOS.

    Really? I would like to hear some examples. The examples that I have heard didn’t seem better than say BeatMaker 3’s.

    What apps have you compared to P3? I ask because someone posted some examples which sounded fun but also pretty unnatural...but that might have been the poster’s intention. It was hard to get a sense of whether it could pitch shift without denature game sounds too much.

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