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Hello chirren, I have Mozaic and downloaded the Ranbo patch by Wim which randomizes velocity and note start, it’s a humanizer if you will. My ears aren’t great yet for hearing the amount of randomization yet unless I overdo the settings. It would be helpful if I could SEE the velocity changes and shifted notes in BM3 piano roll. If I put midi tools route before or after Mozaic/ranbo can I get it to actually show the velocity changes and actually move my midi notes in BM3? If I could see as well as hear the changes it would help train my ears. Wim answered and explained BM3 handles midi strangely, suggested I post here where there will be BM3 experts. Thanks so much in advance, really working on learning this stuff so I don’t have to ask basic questions.


  • wimwim
    edited August 2

    There are a couple of ways to go about this. I'll lay out one.

    1. Add Mozaic as a Midi FX on the bank (not the pad) with your pattern. This is the default level for adding Midi FX, you have to go through additional steps to add it to a pad, so this is only mentioned in case you've loaded it.
    2. Open AudioBus and add "Virtual MIDI Bridge" to the input of a lane on the MIDI tab. Add Virtual MIDI Bridge to the output tab of the same lane.
    3. Back in the BM3 bank, set MIDI Output to Audiobus 3. Important: make sure MIDI Input is None, or at least not Audiobus 3.
    4. In BM3 MIDI settings, make sure Audiobus 3 is enabled for both Input and Output.
    5. Turn Quantize OFF in BM3 or you will defeat the purpose.
    6. Add a new bank and add the plugin you want to hear on a pad.
    7. Remove the plugin from the first bank.
    8. On this second bank, set MIDI Input to Audiobus 3. Set Channel to ALL and Mode to MULTI Channel.
    9. Press play and make sure that you hear the pattern from the first bank playing on the second bank.
    10. Press record, and your altered pattern should be recorded onto the second bank.

    [edit] I was going to do a video, but BM3 crashed on me and I was too annoyed to set it up again.

  • First, thank you! Secondly, how in the holy molé did you figure this out? If Intua isn’t paying you, I’m starting a petition. Wow, just wow.

    This is so complicated that I’ve just committed to improving my playing and humanize the sound by having a human play in the midi...

  • I just read forums a lot. The topic comes up often with BM3 and NS2, both of which can’t record AUv3 midi.

    There’s another way, using Midi Tools Midi, but using AB3 is more flexible since it can work on iPhone with NS2 and Midi Tools can’t. Besides, imma AB3 fanboy. 😎

  • Dare I ask if the midi tools route (pardon the pun) is less complex? I only use my iPad and BM3 so iPhone functionality isn’t a concern.

  • wimwim
    edited August 3

    It's a tiny bit less complex:

    1. Add MIDI Tools Route as the last MIDI FX on the bank that has the pattern.
    2. Set Destination in MIDI Route to BeatMaker 3
    3. Set MIDI Input and Output Port to NONE for this bank. MIDI Route is already doing the outputting.
    4. Add a new bank and add the plugin you want to hear to a pad on this new bank. Remove the plugin from the original bank.
    5. For this bank set MIDI Input Port to ALL and Output Port to NONE. Set MOD to MULTICHANNELa
    6. Add the plugin you want to hear, then go back to the original Bank and try to play it.
    7. If all is good so far, press record and you should get the new pattern recorded with the MIDI FX influence on the new track.

    Good Luck.

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