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Cubasis 3 time stretching + changing global tempo


In Cubasis 3, is there a way to have audio clips automatically stretch as you change the tempo of the song?

I know how to manually stretch clips, but I’m hoping there is a way to set them in relationship to the tempo, then if I adjust the tempo later the clips would automatically stretch as needed


  • If you set the stretch to 'auto' for audio-events they will change with tempo without any further manual adjustments.
    This presumes that the BPM in the loop metadata is correctly in the first place.

    To set the tempo for audio that lacks BPM info you can add it to the recording in the audio editor.
    (There is no 'auto detect BPM' of files or anything like that so it's all by trial & error).

    Hopefully some day we will be able to time-stretch midi-clips as well...

  • Zenbeats does this and its one of the reasons I use it. FWIW

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