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Cubasis 3.1.1 multiple midi fix stacked on a track - does it work?


I am considering purchasing Cubasis for the 3.1.1 update but wanted to check with current users about certain functionality before I do

Could a current user please tell me if midi fix AUV3s function properly if multiple are stacked on the same track? For example, an instance of Rozeta scaler with an instance of mozaic or rhythmbud placed after it in the chain?

Also- is there currently any way to search by sample file name in the media bay?


  • No, it doesn‘t fully work yet. But it is a known bug. Hopefully, there are enough people who want to stack midi effects and let Steinberg know so that they make it on the list of things to fix.

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    They said that should be fixed for next update.

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    @Janosax said:
    They said that should be fixed for latest update.

    Would you mind testing it and letting me know? I don’t see it on the list of fixes🤞

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    Excuse me, it was « next » and not « latest » update. It will be fixed, I’ve made the report a few weeks ago:

    And Mediabay has no search feature.

    I’ve reported them 7 different bugs, all of them should be fixed from what they said. I believe they will be, from previous updates fixes. Unfortunately lot of users have complaints but don’t report anything on their forum, nor use their specific report form when asked for. So much potential in CB3, it can be the best iOS DAW ever. It’s a bit sad that some users choose to not take the time to report issues. It’s a 50 bucks app, not a 600/700 desktop DAW, we could all help to get what we want/need. Sorry for being a bit off topic.

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