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Barkfilter as a DeEsser

So I’m a chronic Barkfilterist for my quick Enhancing/Mastering on my final mixes. Never thought about anything else for it until I saw the DeEsser setting in the presets and started messing with it. For me this does at least as good a job DeEssing vocals as anything else and maybe better. So my question is what else can Barky do that I never thought of? Anybody else use it for what?


  • No replies? Bueller?

  • It still sits on my wishlist, from even before the magic mastering hype. But I didn't buy it yet. I always focus my money elsewhere :lol:

    But now besides a cool filter, mastering tool could it also be a DeEsser? (i've been needing one)

  • I assume the lack of replies means not many folks know what a great DeEsser this can be.

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