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Best Place to Freelance Remixing Music?

Hi everybody. I'm looking to start a business in remixing music, but I'm not sure where to start. Would you recommend Fiverr or something else? Thank you. :)


  • Remixing is a dodgy one.. Normally you get request from Artist or label.. I tried on Soundcloud, but got my first warning.. It was Aretha Franklin Track.. But I didn’t get caught with Dean Martin (Reggae Dub Remix).. It’s all about copyright.. You have to get permission.. I think covers are ok to a degree?...

  • At this moment, competition seems to be not very high on Fivrr for this specific topic. Maybe a good opportunity for a skilled guy like you. But risky business, yes...

  • @studs1966 said:
    Remixing is a dodgy one..

    I'll bet @jwmmakerofmusic wants to "mix and master" to produce finished audio files and not create "remixes" from existing audio products.

  • @McD I think I should clarify. What I mean is, if someone makes a song and wants, say, an EDM remix of it, I could do that. If someone has recorded a vocal but doesn't know how to produce a full track around it, I could do that for them. :) Remixing an already-existing song from, say, Aretha Franklin or Dean Martin, is not exactly what I'm interested in doing, and it certainly would land me in legal trouble. Then I wouldn't be making profit but rather spending money on a lawyer. :lol:

    @cuscolima Thanks mate. :) If the competition isn't very high, this could be my way to freelance.

    @studs1966 Not sure about remixing for an actual label but rather helping people out for a fee. I should've been a bit more clear in what I meant, but I wrote the original post in a rush. :lol: Cheers mate. :)

  • Aha! Got it. So it is re-mixing but with the source materials coming from the artist.

  • Not sure about making money from it now. I’ve always remixed for other bands as it was a way for cross promotion for both projects. The only people that would charge for a remix were the bigger bands in the genre or the ones who thought they were. They would usually charge around $100 a remix.

  • @McD said:
    Aha! Got it. So it is re-mixing but with the source materials coming from the artist.

    Exactly! Like remixing up-and-comers, or vocalists who need a track built around their vocals, stuff like that basically. I probably wouldn't charge more than $25-$50 per remix to be honest. Want to keep the price fair. (If you disagree with the price and think I should go higher/lower, give me your thoughts mate. :) ) I'm a musical chameleon in that I produce in many different genres, mostly EDM.

    Sidenote - what sparked this topic and idea is I stumbled across this video from RoomieOfficial today...

    ...and after listening to the various underwhelming versions of his song, I'm like "Well shit, that's a way to make money, and I can do better and more professional on an iPad than what most of those folks did for Roomie." :lol: Most of them didn't even produce a full track for Roomie's vocals except for one slightly decent Future House version.

    @iOSTRAKON Really mate? So what genre(s) have you remixed songs in? :)

  • Hope you try fivrrrr @jwmmakerofmusic and report back about your experiences. You might run into some difficult clients [unless you specific about the edm sound etc]. Good luck!!!

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