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OT: Random number generator with timed outputs [SOLVED]

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There are a plethora of RNGs for both IOS and Android, but they all require interaction to generate a number (you have to press the screen every time you want a new number).

Do you know of any RNG that can be set up to output a new value according to a specified interval (ie, generate a new value every 30 seconds)?


  • very doable in mozaic... a timer with a random generator. where is the random number going (what will it be used for)?

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    Hi Mot, I want to use this for guitar scale practice. The generator will put out a number between one and six corresponding to a specific guitar string. During practice, a number is generated, and then the root note of a scale is played on that string, followed by the fingering the various scale positions in that vicinity.

    The goal is to have both the root note and it's position in the scale positions become automatic, sort of a training device like a flash card.

  • wimwim
    edited July 29

    Sounds like a perfect application for a Mozaic script. If you have no programming experience, but can clearly specify exactly what you want, someone is likely to build it for you.

    This is a really good app:

  • Thanks Wim, I'll check it out!

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    Well it looks like I found one called "The Random Number Generator" for ios. It has a slider that determines the time interval and an IAP to get rid of ads. It also uses speech to call out the number, so I don't have to keep looking at the screen (didn't think of that). yay!

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