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Drambo WebDAV under Windows

edited July 2020 in App Tips and Tricks

I've just noticed that using WebDAV with a Windows 10 machine might not be as straightforward as it should be, so here's a quick tip on how to make it work without having to use Windows Explorer:

  • Download WinSCP from and install
  • Select "Session" => "New Session" from the menu or just CTRL+N
  • Choose "New Site", select WebDAV under File Protocol, No encryption
  • Enter the WebDAV URL shown by Drambo under "Host name" without the ":8080" and enter "8080" under "Port number".
  • Hit "Save", then "Login" to connect. The right explorer shows the Drambo files, the left explorer is your local storage. Select file(s) and/or folder(s) on the right and hit function key F5 to copy.

Using WinSCP is quite fast, it took only 2 seconds to copy my whole preset folder with over 400 presets inside.

(Or, using Windows Explorer anyway: Choose Tools => Map network drive => Enter the WebDAV URL in the "Folder:" field (works too but it's much slower and reportedly the new file Explorer in Windows 10 has a bug that prevents it from copying folders?)).


  • edited July 2020

    WinSCP is quite fast, it took only 2 seconds over WiFi to copy my whole preset folder with over 400 presets inside.
    Ghisler Total Commander plus Ghisler's own WebDAV plugin work great too btw.

  • Great tips thanks !

  • It's working ok in Win10 for me, I'm using this address format in the file explorer address bar and also as a network location address shortcut:

    \[email protected]\DavWWWRoot

    I'm not sure of the speed comparison, but I prefer having a network location shortcut rather than launching an app to connect.

    I hope that Jonatan adds Webdav to audioshare, I discussed it with him sometime last year and he was open to it.... :)

  • "Works for me." Win 10 version 2004, current updates to July 20. I can easily copy a Drambo folder using Windows Explorer; no additional app required. I created the network object using the format suggested by Drambo. Windows has morphed it to the format posted by @Carnbot.

  • edited July 2020

    Thanks for the info @uncledave and @Carnbot 👍🏻

  • Just tried WebDAV for the first time. I have a Windows desktop and couldn't connect at first.

    The problem I had was an option in my iPad Wifi settings - I had "Private Wi-Fi Address" turned on which made my iPad invisible to my local network.

    After unchecking it, everything worked directly from File Explorer by just entering the address from Drambo.

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