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Two free kits made from sliced samples

The Memory Collection samples are very well suited to be further chopped to create new samples and kits made with a single sample. This can be done manually and Slate's audio editor is a great tool fo it. But automatic slicing apps can be a great help by doing it faster and giving some unexpected results.

I have taken 2 samples from Memory Collection 08 - Horror Comedies, sliced them with ReSlice and exported the slices as individual wav files a single zip.

As the wav files are included, they can be used in many apps. But I have created two NanoStudio 2 Slate kits. The first one has 16 samples (slices) but I have duplicated them in pads 17 to 32 with different pitch settings to create variety. The second kit has 9 samples.

They are named "Glitchy Phone" and "Doing Here" and they can be downloaded from my Free Sounds page:

I made this simple presentation video:


  • Always a joy when you share these custom Slate Kits. Thank you!

  • Hi gothamoddisee,

    Thanks a lot for your comment. really glad you enjoy my Slate kits!

  • @zvon Thanks for the Slate kits.. I do like the Glitchy Phone sounds.. very usable..

  • @royor said:
    @zvon Thanks for the Slate kits.. I do like the Glitchy Phone sounds.. very usable..

    You’re welcome, glad it’s useful to you!

    The longer samples, slices 15 and 16 for instance, can be trimmed further in Slate.

    For those who would like to give a shot at slicing the 2 original samples differently, they are in the MC pack 08 free demo here:

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