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NuRack Auv3 FX Processor by



  • wimwim
    edited August 2020

    @Samu said:

    This latest update can eventually 'kill' the audio output in AUM?!?!

    I put nuRack MIDI FX in the audio effects slot, added the new Sawtooth Synth played with it for a while, decided to add a delay module in nuRack and BOOM...
    ...the meters in AUM still move but there is no audio at all?!

    Removed nuRack from the effects slot, cleared the AUM session and Audio is still dead...

    After restarting AUM audio is back again...

    Tried the same modules and now it works as it's supposed to work...
    ...hopefully this is a 'one time issue' but if the audio goes dead more often it's either AUM that needs an update or something is very fishy.(Might be the dreaded 'clipping thing' that makes Core Audio bail at times).

    Time to explore further...
    ...there seems to be a display bug in the Stereo Delay module, even with sync is set the delay time is shown in seconds...

    What's next a 'drone oscillator' with PWM? :D

    Oh well, maybe I'm just too picky at times or something...


    I can also kill the audio fairly often with the "undo" button in design mode when adjusting racks. When this happens I need to save the AUM session, restart AUM, and restore the last session. I've been lazy about doing a proper bug report, but I will.

  • Love the Sawtooth synth update! I've had no issues with audio kill.. yet. I'm on iPad OS 13.5.1.

    I'm really happy with the direction 4Pockets is taking Nurack.

    My primary use will be building synths with custom interfaces. It's great to have a modular system that can also do UI design.

    I have two items on my Nurack wish list.

    1) A sample player module that can play instruments created with Chameleon auto-sampler.

    2) A polyphonic (or even a paraphonic) ADSR module controllably by Midi note Gate trigger.
    (A Midi Gate ADSR lets you sync effect modulations with key strikes)

    IMO... with those two additional modules, Nurack will capable of creating some really cool custom synths.

    Adding a square wave synth module with PWM would be amazing... Not saying Nurack isn't amazing already, I think it is, just saying I think the entire concept has enormous potential. :)

  • @royor said:
    @tahiche There’s 2 new presets that I can see..
    -Shimmer Reverb with Feedback
    -Synth Vocoder

    Ok, I forgot I had to open up the standalone version for the new presets to appear. 🙏

    @Samu i tried the feedback per your suggestion with a tape delay and you get some very realistic feedback, like guitar close to amp thingy. You really have to crank up the feedback level and the mixer level. It might be interesting to automate, when and if I get to that...

  • New video, Vocoder & Feedback modulets:

  • New video: NuRack Modular Effects - MIDI Mapping and MIDI Effects:

  • What’s New
    Aug 17, 2020 Version 1.17

    Fixed an issue that caused logos and stock object to be hidden on loading a rack.
    Added MIDI mapping support to Interface Builder.
    NuRack can now be loaded as a MIDI processor for use with MIDI effects and generators.
    You can now place MIDI effects within a rack and MIDI will pass through the rack and appear at the NuRack MIDI out.
    Added new 'MIDI' and 'Routing' categories.
    Added a MIDI Harmonizer module which creates a harmony on a selected scale.
    Added a MIDI Velocity module for fixing velocities at set values.
    Added a MIDI Randomizer module for creating random notes on a specified scale.
    Added a MIDI Remote Mixer module which can send CC data to internal or external plugins.
    Added a MIDI Monitor option for debugging your routing.

  • Awesome! Thanks!!!!

  • The updates keep coming for NuRack!

    The configurable UI and simple usage really makes this a great option for simpler modular playtime.

  • Version 1.18 is out:

    Added a new MIDI Pads module. Use for automation of switches within your rack.
    Added an option to turn faders into knobs.
    Added a new Balanced Splitter module which can be more easily controllers remotely.
    You can now add a Single VU or Classic VU meter to the rack (useful for monitoring split stereo paths).
    Fixed an issue with a possible Undo crash
    Added undo points when converting knobs to faders.
    Added an option to reset components to default colours.
    Added the ability to change the alpha of background images as well as vertical/horizontal mirroring.
    Fixed other stability issues.

  • Man, I would so totally use this for everything if it had an "FX Loop" to send signal out to another app and then back in. I don't know if this is feasible (I'm guessing not), but damn would it be nice.

  • I was asking for a wet/dry splitter. Asked in a comment in Paul’s (4pockets) vídeo in YouTube, and here is the Balanced Splitter!. Don’t know if it was my comment, but I wanna think it is. Really useful. The updates are like 160bpm, bang, bang. Amazing work.

  • Yes, the developer is working super hard on this. I’m liking where it’s going.

  • This was a really good purchase and I got it when it first came out so it was even less than it is now

  • Version 1.20 is out:

    Added a new Audio Clip Launcher module.
    Added the ability to save/load module based presets.
    Added a zoom lock to the control bar.
    Lots of code optimisations.

  • What is audio clip launcher?

  • @Charlesalbert said:
    What is audio clip launcher?

    You can assign audio files to pads and launch them by tapping the pad. The samples can be looped. There’s no pitch change, edit, or stretch. Just a simple launcher. Pretty damn handy tho though. B)

  • Note: the AU app crashed every time importing samples until I launched in standalone and imported a sample, after that it works in the AU version.

  • @Charlesalbert said:
    What is audio clip launcher?

  • edited August 2020

    funny that Nurack ticks almost all boxes, but not all..heh.. smart move to not make the other 4p apps obsolete...will resist..must not buy... gaaaaah

  • @White said:

    @Charlesalbert said:
    What is audio clip launcher?

    @wim said:
    Note: the AU app crashed every time importing samples until I launched in standalone and imported a sample, after that it works in the AU version.

    Thanks guys❤️

  • I’m digging the audio clip launcher.

    Would it be possible to add a midi file clip launcher and a simple midi file player module?

  • Paul is knocking this thing out of the park.. Can’t even keep up with the updates.. Crazy! 🤪
    Audio Clip launcher.. module presets.. really impressive..
    @White Thanks for keeping us up-to-date + the links for Paul’s videos..👍

  • Does audio clip launcher keep files at same quality? Or reduces to 16bit?

  • wimwim
    edited August 2020

    With all the customizable midi controls this now has, it's starting to get into the territory of an AUv3 alternative to apps like MidiDesigner Pro. I mean, those midi pads and all the other controls can send Notes, CC's, and even Program Change. That's very useful, especially when you can freely combine that with all the audio stuff.

    Highly customizable control surfaces inside your daw of choice. Pretty sweet. B)

  • Pardon my language but Paul is a fucking wizard

  • @Fingolfinzzz said:
    Pardon my language but Paul is a fucking wizard

    I say mad scientist! 🤣

  • wimwim
    edited August 2020

    @Fingolfinzzz said:
    Pardon my language but Paul is a fucking wizard

    Humm ... if he was, then he'd probably spend more time doing that than programming. Probably make more money too. ;)

  • @Fingolfinzzz said:
    Pardon my language but Paul is a fucking wizard

    But a good one, like the Lord of the Rings old wizard dude that was so nice and listened to the little Feature-hungry hobbits.

  • More wizarding for chameleon please :)

  • There’s a preset called “Sidechain Compressor”. Can you actually do sidechain compression?. I mean from one track to another...

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