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OK Chorale / 2 Choirs and One Soprano Shoot It Out

BeatHawk Religious female and male Choir, ISymphonic Soprano, BeatHawk Violin Tunings (!!) and BASSalicious acoustic.


  • McDMcD
    edited June 27

    I hope these Choirs are practicing social distancing... the Covid-19 get aerosolized.
    You can tell they are not wearing masks so that Bass player is going to catch it.

    But seriously, that Soprano is a cyborg.

    Now I need to go look for "Violin Tunings (!!)" in BeatHawk... buried somewhere in the Tutti Orchestra IAP? I'm also going to see what denomination that female choir is... hopefully, Orthodox Amazonians.

    UPDATE: I found it at the bottom of the Violin folder in the BeatHawk "String Ensemble" IAP. It's got some interesting samples... the lower notes have
    noise like the clattering to the bows or moving chairs. But the upper notes
    have a nice "let's all play the same note but start randomly" which is a classic "new music" technique for composers. Resampling this for further experimental uses is worth checking out. I'm probably NOT going to look for vinyl anytime soon but I do know where 3 boxes of it are in storage.

  • @McD, violin tunings are kind of like lox trimmings. No one really wants them, but, hey, they’re a lot cheaper than Nova Scotia.

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