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doobee / Module Monumental Choir

edited June 25 in Creations

Cubasis would not mix this down correctly. The recorded audio file from Module did not sync in mixdown with the midi derived tracks. A puzzlement! Finally, my subconscious suggested mixing down just the audio track, inserting it into the project and muting the original Module audio. Damn, it worked!

So, now I can demonstrate one of the great KApro choirs. They have a great immediacy which is lacking in iSymph and PSP choirs and less so in BeatHawk. In addition PSP Bee Scat choir (the supporting male voices) and BeatHawk harpsichord.


  • That's probably going to sell some KApro Choir IAP's. What great sounding preset for
    faster melodic ideas. It passes the "is it a computer" test for me. That's Mile's melodic fragment has slipped into your subconscious and that's a good thing... I love any small
    quote from the past in an improv'ed piece.

    I was thinking of Bach's Klavier writing and how his choirs never sounded this good but they could have in another era. I suspect this would be heresy from the Choirs of his time.

  • edited June 27

    What a great sounding arrangement! I like choirs and I’ve tracked down the choirs you’re using except the PSP choirs. @LinearLineman can you point me in the right direction? Thank you!

  • Another cool track @LinearLineman. If your into choirs and other voices you might want to look at the Roland Sound Canvas. It has some great sounds, although the app is a bit temperamental and in dire need of an update. I did a search and @thesoundtestroom did a demo a couple of years ago.

  • @McD, I agree. The choir choices are pretty good these days on iOS. I wish the opera choirs were more in your face on ISymphonic, but the soprano patch works for me. Why don’t you do some Bach renderings with these choirs? Module wouldn’t work, tho.

    @Sawiton, thanks for the praise. PSP is Pure Synth Platinum by Gospel Musicians. A great app with a wide array of sounds. Is that what you are asking? You might look at Sopranotron as well.

    Thanks @pbelgium, I’ll take a look. Can’t have enough choirs!

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