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A couple of random question

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Hi! Instead of created 4-5 news threads, I want to ask you a couple of random questions and I’m sure you can help me.

1- On iPad, what is the best app for nylon strings emulation? (I want to use my electric guitar and my iPad as a MFX).
2- On ipad, what is the best resonator effect for guitar? Like the one on the Fishman Aura Spectrum?
3- What is the best pedal I should buy for a Keylab 49 MK2? On the input where I can plug my pedal, I can read sustain/modulation/expression. Can I buy a pedal that do all 3? I never heard about a modulation pedal.

4- Is there an alternative to Roxsyn if I need a sequencer for my guitar?
5- I want to sell my Roland FP-4 in pretty good condition. What would be a fair price? There is no offer on Reverb to see the fluctuation of the price of this piano.
6- What are your thoughts on the new Boss SYS-1000?



  • Nobody use his iPad as a guitar mFX?

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    Low-cost solution for making a nylon guitar out of your EG:
    LRC5 for making the sound more like am acoustic guitar,
    Thafknar plus a nylon guitar body IR for the wooden body emulation,
    CuSnP to add sympathetic string resonances to your liking (not absolutely necessary though).

    A sequencer for your guitar?
    I hope you still have your fingers 😮

    1. Tonestack has an Acoustic simulator that is designed to turn your electric into an Acoustic Sound. They have an Acoustic amp that incorporates the simulator with a nice clean amp, too.

    2. Not sure about matching your example, but Objeq is a great resonator effect on iOS.

    3. I would think modulation and expression are basically the same. They are probably named different because of the CC destinations they drive. Mod is usually CC #1, Expression is usually CC #11. Expression is usually related to Volume change, but Mod can be associated with different stuff, like filter cutoff, or LFO depth/amount. Sustain is an on/off type of control, so your could control it with a exp/mod pedal. Pedal full down for sustain, pedal full up for sustain off. So, unless your pedal can send multiple messages on multiple CCs, I would think you have to pick from the 3 control types and use just one at a time. Maybe the KB docs will have the answer to that.

    4. I think you mean the arpeggiator? The only way I can think of is to use Midi guitar to drive an Arp app, since most Arp apps are Midi based. (Roxsyn seems to work on the audio signal, so no Midi needed for its internal arp.). If you want to try doing it yourself using Audio only, you could try some tricky setup with a pitch shifting delay app, but audio pitch shifters tend to sound weird to me, so be aware of that.

    5. I got nuthin’

    6. Again with the nuthin’

    If you end up trying Midi guitar, it can open up a whole bunch more Acoustic sounds for you. You could use the Midi derived from your playing to drive any sound module app that has Acoustic guitar sounds among the presets.

  • @Montreal_Music said:
    6- What are your thoughts on the new Boss SYS-1000?

    Here's a detailed video from a guy who's been playing Roland MIDI-fied guitar professionally (VG-99) that was posted less than a week ago.

  • Thank you all for the answers, I really appreciated it.

    Last question: what multi-effects would be the best to play with my classical guitar and a pair of headphones? Do you think the Zoom GFour will sound great with a classical guitar?

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