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Is there a MIDI app that allows to send several controls by the press of only one switch?

Hello verybody

I already posted a related question here:

But now I have another question.

I have many different send BUSes in AUM, each of which have a specific input (guitar or mic) and some FX on it (for guitar maybe some Tonebridge effect, for voice maybe some reverb or similar):

  • BUS A: Guitar with no FX
  • BUS B: Guitar with Tonebridge (and within there, preset X)
  • BUS C: Guitar with Tonebridge (and within there, preset Y)
  • BUS D: Mic with no FX
  • BUS E: Mic with reverb

I'd love to have one single switch on my MIDI foot controller to active one of the guitar BUSes and deactivate all the other guitar BUSes (and the same for mic). The only way I see how I can do this is by sending SOLO to the wanted BUS and sending MUTE to each and every "other" BUS.

So is there a MIDI app that allows to send several controls by the press of only one switch? Maybe Midiflow? (I tried to ask in the Midiflow forums, but they seem to have spamming attacks there and not much of other activities.)

Thank you! <3


  • What you're requesting is certainly possible. But if you only have 1 switch / trigger, then I don't see a reasonable solution to choosing which bus you want active at any given time. 5 buses but only 1 foot switch. So, the buses can be activated sequentially rather easily, e.g., - bus A solo, bus B,C,D mute - bus B solo, bus A,C,D mute, etc. But choosing first B, then D, then C, will be tricky.
    To get around this, I suppose if there were some kind of double tap, triple tap condition then you could activate bus A with a single tap, bus B with double tap, C with a triple tap etc.

    I'm already working on a sequential switch, and if it works I'll post it up. But I don't think I'd be able to jump busses or be selective without at least 1 or 2 more trigger sources.

    An easier but more expensive solution would be to use something like the Kieth McMillan soft step.

  • @josh83 Wait, doesn't Solo mute all other channels automatically?
    When choosing a different bus, all you'd have to do is hit solo button 1 again and hit solo 2.

  • Thanks, guys. My setup may not be thoroughly thought through yet. But in essence, you say using Midiflow (or Midifire, it just caught my eye because of its Blue Velvet plugin which enhances the iRig BlueBoard) it would be possible to send more than one signal to an app (or several apps)?

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