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Drambo Rack - SP Flexi - extra slice control

Hi all, here’s a rack that I find to be really useful if you like messing with slices! As always, it’s extendable/customizable. You can use the building blocks here to control pitch/effect parameters/effect group by slice. I think it’s kind of similar to the SP-1200 with the fader controls, thus the name.


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    Very well done man!
    Thanks a lot for this almost SB "Egoist" level creation ! 👍🏼

  • This is an insane project! I never considered that the CV sequencer's position could be precisely offset with note cv. That's an incredibly useful technique. Definitely going to be recycling that instrument rack.

    I think I followed the gist of your logic, but could explain how you determined '4' as the range for the scale? I'm still trying to come to terms with maths in Drambo!

  • Trial and error :) there’s no real need for it to be 4, it was just easy to lock in to the X coordinates that way. You could use a different Graphic Shaper shape and scale it differently, presumably.

    Pitch values in Drambo range from -1 to 1.

  • @bcrichards you sir are the man👊🏼™️

  • @echoopera said:
    @bcrichards you sir are the man👊🏼™️


    Loaded and ready to roll. 👊🏽©️

  • Thanks Ben. There's certainly a lot to study within this project. Looking forward to giving it a workout with some drum breaks!

  • And if you do want to use with the slices you actually add in Flexi, then Start Point control just acts as a slice selector (as that’s what happens with Offset normally)

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