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Recording into IOS App from Babyface Pro

I am trying to record from Babyface Pro (line Input 3-4) into Borderlands or Samplr, but I can´t get it to work. It tried every routing combination - also with AUM and Audiobus, but it does not work.
Babyface Input shows up in Samplr, but no sound.
I can hear the sound in TotalMix though and tried every routing there as well (I think)
I have no idea what I am doing wrong...
Thank you for your help


  • I don't know the Babyface but...Are you operating it in class compliant mode?

  • edited June 14

    yes, other than my described problem it works normal...

  • Dunno if the recent update of SamplR changed this, but normally SamplR 'sees' only input channel 1+2 of the interface.
    You have to use Totalmix to route channels 3+4 to the 1+2 pair.
    (watch out for feedback, as 1+2 is also system in/output and may have other signals active)

  • thanks! I will try that....

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