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Games - dodging missiles.

Not a new type of games and I had 1 installed for years on my Android tablet but never really played it. I played it yesterday and I like it!

It made me look if it was available for iOS and it is not, but I found many similar ones and I tried a few.

Here are the two iOS ones I prefer so far and the link to the Android one, all are free. I find them captivating for a quick game.

Mayday! - The Game by Felipe Goulart (iOS)

Sky Boom by Replay Entertainment (iOS)

Missile Escape by 2ndBoss (Android)

There are many others of this type on both platforms.


  • Huh, that’s kind of a fun genre. Snake crossed with chasing bullets hell? Or something! :D Never played that style of game before. Thanks for the heads up.

  • @xraydash said:
    Huh, that’s kind of a fun genre. Snake crossed with chasing bullets hell? Or something! :D Never played that style of game before. Thanks for the heads up.

    You're welcome and a good description of the genre you wrote!
    I enjoy simple games with a quick gameplay, it takes my mind of the complexities of music software!

  • I started playing Mayday. Cool game!

    What’s your top score so far?

  • edited June 9

    Currently stuck at 26 but hoping to improve it!

    • edit: with the standard plane, now at 35 using only in-game power ups, meaning those that are obtained by flying over them during a game, without using those from the store.
  • At 38 now and a tip:
    You can make missiles collide into each other by changing the direction of your evasive manoeuvers. For instance, evading missiles by always spinning counter-clockwise will increase the distance between your plane and them but they will keep tracking it. If you then switch direction and spin clockwise, missiles will crash into each other.

  • After playing it for a while, I thought it would be fun to make a game video and add some sounds from my Memory Collection packs to its soundtrack.

    Mayday's SFX are simple, fits the game well and they are not all over the place. All this made it a perfect candidate for a sonic dress up!

    You will first hear the game with only its original sound effects and then a montage with various sounds mixed in. I have added voice, SFX and music samples.

    Of course none of the sounds I have added are in the game itself. I have not attempted to redo the game's sfx either. I am just having some fun and creating a few storylike vibes inspired by the game and my Memory Collection samples (sounds from Public domain movies).

    Note I previously posted this in the Creations sub-forum and I am posting here too as it is directly relevant to this topic.

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