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Live impro set up suggestion (loopy hd, sunrizer, impaktor, animoog, audiobus, akai mpk mini)

So this little thread has been going on for a couple of days so some may have missed it so here I'm going to post my original question and the solution as it is actually turning into something fairly powerful for impro work. Of course if impaktor is not your thing then probably this is not your kind of thing at all. Anyway....

The question:

Cheers @sonosaurus to put it simple at the moment I'm using impaktor standalone triggered by an epad layering tracks on the built in sequencer.

I wanted to be able to add at least one extra melodic instrument to the mix. For this I envisaged using sunrizer going into loopy within AB. Even though impaktor has no midi capabilities at all it stays in perfect sync with loopy if started in time.

Now, I thought, brilliant: I'm going to run these two loopers alongside each other (impaktor's built in looper and loopy hd) in parallel. The first problem I found was that impaktor has no background audio the second was that even when insert within AB it would hiccup when swiping between apps.

So... I came up with the cunning plan of controlling sunrizer via akai and loopy via bluetooth keyboard through bindings. Unfortunately this is where I found out that bt only works with the foreground app.

I can see what you're saying about wiring one of akai's pads to start/stop in a latch mode. Is that what you're saying? I'll do some testing in a mo

Edit: the idea of the workflow would be mostly impro with impaktors looper running throughout and bringing looped bass lines/sounds from loopy but recording everything on the fly. Hope it makes sense. To add insult to the injury I'm also looping short vocal phrases using boss rc 3 loop pedal with a mic hooked up to it.

The solution (or at least part of it)

Yay, it worked. Mapped transport and rec mute of one tracks which that's what I really need for now. I need to work out how to send program change messages to sunrizer to toggle between two patches. Thanks @sonosaurus I just needed to turn all required pads to latch.


  • You don't have trouble with the Loopy and Impaktor loops getting out of sync? I can start things manually and approximate, but over the course of a 4 min tune, things are bound to drift apart. Even after watching the above, I don't understand how you've dealt with it?

  • I wish there was more complicated answer to your question @b0bert0.

    They just stay synced! The secret is to stay with Impaktor in the foreground at ALL TIMES. There is a bug that causes impaktor to hiccup for a microsecond and that's where it goes wrong. It took me ages to work out all the midi bindings to control loopy in the background but once set it is cool.
    What IPad are you using?

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