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iPad shipped to Europe?

edited March 2014 in Market Place

so, here's a question... would you Europe-based muzos buy an iPad from a US eBay seller? what are the import/customs costs and how cheap would it have to be to make it a good deal for you? (after shipping and customs mark-up)

Hopefully this is within the range of appropriate topics for the forum... because we all need more iPads and want better deals ;-)


  • I recently bought a long sleeve tee from US to UK. I paid £30 for the tee, £8 postage and £8 import tax !!
    If import tax is worked out by percentage of item price, that's like 27-28%.. Not such a bargin.

  • edited September 2014

    All of my iPads were grey imports, probably Honk Kong. I don't know how they go around the tax thing but I normally get them for less than a regular street price. I paid £350 for a new IPad Air about a month after the release. Some say that apple store warranty is only available for units purchased within the uk but when checking on apple's website it still shows it has a warranty. I presume I'll keep doing the same for all of future iPads.

    Edit: all of mine were 16gb versions.

  • Customs fees are nasty in Spain as well. I know from experience.

  • Sometimes you can avoid fees if the seller send it "as a gift".

    But as @miguelmarcos said, is difficult that it works in Spain, at least with packages "iPad size".

  • generally speaking you might loose warranty locally, you might not have 2y Europe customer warranty and you might pay taxes + vat, when imported out of EU (here us price + ~4% tax + 20% vat)

  • If I buy something through a legitimate uk business that ebay is and get an invoice from a company registered in the uk I should be good with warranties. Fortunately never had to test this.

  • And in some cases, you directly lose the warranty. I don't know about electronica stuff, but astronomical (Celestron).
    This is because some brands have actually divided the world into market areas which can't be invaded each other. (Long sentence, I hope is well written) :(

  • Olympus made this now. No worldwide service.

  • Around January time I was looking for new sealed iPad Air on gumtree uk, found a guy selling some for £370 for 32gb ones so I bought one. It was £100 cheaper than everywhere so a nice bargin. He said they were imported from USA & that they had one year guarantee & proved it by putting the serial number in the apple website to confirm the guarantee was good.

    Was having some problem the next day with what ever & I remember calling apple up & talking to a tec guy, he said wow you only got your ipad from America 10 hours ago, I said well yes it was a gift lol. He said your iPad guarantee is covered no problem.

    I also remember the guy who I bought the iPad from said if you have a problem with the iPad just book it in with apple over the phone & as the prove of guarantee is there on their systems it's all good & they will sort out the posting to the apple shop & that way you don't need the prove of perchase

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