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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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With the recent thrash about thread I feel the need to invite some positivity in, just as @ashh has done.

I can remember my first days here on the forum. The immediate help I got from the likes of @CracklePot, @wim, @Telefunky , @Samu, @aaronpc and others when I didn’t know how to record a midi track on Cubasis. I remember that no question was too simpleminded to ask. And no one said “go look it up, fuckwit”. I remember the kind support I got when posting my first tracks and insisting I post them in the general discussion forum. No one said “post your crap in Creations, shitwad”. I remember the enthusiasm I felt in writing essays and sharing what my teacher, Connie Crothers, told me about the basics of making music and it’s profound affect on me. And, yes, I remember the first fracas I got into over that and how I lost my cool so easily.

I remember hearing about our philosopher king, @Michael, and something called Audiobus and it’s place in iOS history. And wtf was Auv3, anyway? I remember @waynerowand and his making this forum personal and like a family. I remember a ton of wisecracks and couch philosophers like @JohnnyGoodyear, the Prince of Pithy, chiming in always pitch perfect. I remember good hearted people like @Littlewoodg who never seem to say the wrong thing. And collaborations with @McD, @rs2000, @Daveypoo , @Jankun, @bedheadproducer (where are you, Marc? Come home, there’s cookies in the oven!) And feeling I eventually had an audience for my stuff and a place I could wax off when I felt like it or saw a need for an abstruse POV. And on and on, I guess.

And all this all taking place, for me, in Istanbul Turkey, home of SynthMaster and kebab. And this forum full of friends and uncritical peers who provided companionship, help and camaraderie when I was in a foreign land and without friends.

So, am I grateful? And how. I’m even grateful for the conjunction “And”,which graciously let me overuse her in this thread. And am I grateful for many other things in my life that are not music related but all fit into an attractive, if somewhat unkempt, package? Unequivocally, yes, aye aye, and booyah! And you? Are you grateful in these perilous times?


  • Good thread.
    I know I've got plenty to be thankful of as well. At times like this, it's all too easy to not see the blooms thru the thorns.

  • I am especially thankful to @Michael who still, after many years, silently provides us with a free and not ad-infected platform for discussing all kinds of closely or not even remotely Audiobus- and iOS-related matters. He does it as if it could be taken for granted but it isn't at all.
    So I bow down before Michael and here comes a big THANK YOU for keeping the platform alive. 👏👍🏼🤗🌝🌞

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    Right back at you @LinearLineman Thanks for the positivity and thanks for introducing a new word into my vocabulary, shitwad. 🙂

  • I do not contribute much knowledge to this forum . But I am very thankful for all I have learned from everyone that’s contributed here . And yes a big thanks to @Michael for having this forum and for opening this world of IOS music to me . I do appreciate what we have here . 😁👍🏼

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    Thank you @LinearLineman for starting this thread.
    I have learned quite a bit about iOS music making here and on forum member's YouTube channels, etc. Thank you to all! And thank you to @Michael for this forum!
    A special shout out to @richardyot for the SOTM club threads. Amazing that is has been going this long. I have posted there under another username and have enjoyed trying to make 1 song per month - and the feedback is nice as well!

  • I’m thankful for a lot of you mofos! Now go learn those apps you forgot about 😉

  • @LinearLineman said:
    I can remember my first days here on the forum.

    I think most here we would shocked to comprehend your novice level of "computer literacy" when you got here.

    No computer background and new to the world of the iPad. So a lot of user interface and technical details eluded you and most don't realize how limited your vision is. Learning to master complex computer applications without years of computer background is quite an achievement your age too. Things many might take for granted were pretty foreign to you... file management uploading and downloading, etc.

    So the support and encouragement of this forum and your ability to solve every problem one thread at a time showed the best qualities of a community that isn't insular and closed to the newbie or the old farts that need to have a lot of "basics" explained carefully.

    So, gratitude often is reciprocated because "the love you get is equal to the love you give".

    Keep sharing your gifts and mastering these apps and tools.

  • I’m fairly new here and I this is a fantastic forum. People has been very helpfull and i’m very greatefull. THANKS

  • wimwim
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    HUGE thanks and respect to @Michael, builder of the app that enabled iOS to turn the corner as a practical music making platform, creator and maintainer at his sole expense of this amazing forum for people to come together about it, and the place that revived my music making from the years-long creative paralysis it had reached with Desktop DAWs.

    But most of all for being the embodiment of positivity and constant gentleness and niceness that woke me up and nudged me toward trying to be more like that ... still very much a work in progress. ;)

  • @LinearLineman nice thread. I've seen a bit of drama once in a while but that's nothing compared with the good vibes and the positivity that there is here in general.

  • I am grateful for the forum and the helpful folk on it. I am more of a leech than a contributor, but that’s mostly because I stick with the knowns and not exploring the AUM universe to deeply. It’s fun seeing everyone dive so deep and share their walk through the forest and others come along side to see and then alter their own paths based on one another’s successes and failures. As a group, we have amazing developers that we get to influence and have them be the wood that keeps the fire burning for all of us. I am mostly grateful for those woodsman that are forging a path for us to follow. The ideas are -lenticular here, so use them to fuel your musical journey, whatever that is.

  • Very thankful to several people here who have helped quite a lot. I think I probably wouldn’t be as focused and driven had I not had the support here.

  • I’ve only been here since just before Christmas, actually I think it was the fever of deciding to go all in on iOS music making that was intensified by the Black Friday sales and consequent panicked googling that led here 🤣

    As well as this place being a welcome respite from doom scrolling the latest iteration of the apocalypse, I’ve had a great deal of help, appreciation, and amusement from many quarters. Though it has also cost me quite a lot of money now I think of it...

    Thank you one and all!

  • Thanks SO much to @Michael! If this were ONLY a tech forum it would be GREAT, but it’s a pleasure to read through the OTs and realize that I’m not alone when I ask the question, “WHY?? Why do I make music??”. There is SO much creativity here to draw on. Thanks to the posters too. You provide the secret sauce.

  • @rs2000 said:
    I am especially thankful to @Michael who still, after many years, silently provides us with a free and not ad-infected platform for discussing all kinds of closely or not even remotely Audiobus- and iOS-related matters. He does it as if it could be taken for granted but it isn't at all.
    So I bow down before Michael and here comes a big THANK YOU for keeping the platform alive. 👏👍🏼🤗🌝🌞


    @Michael is the true ‘influencer’ on this forum but he would never let anyone know that.

    I, too, am grateful for having this space to discuss music production.

  • Aww. This made my day. Thanks you guys. It’s all you though; server basically runs itself, it’s you lot who have made this place special!

  • You!

  • I'm also a recent newcomer to this forum, although I've been an iOS music dabbler for many years and have purchased way too many apps! I now visit this forum on a daily basis and enjoy the threads. There is so much useful information available here, all delivered in a congenial manner, I only wish I had found this place years ago. Thanks to @LinearLineman for starting this much-needed, positive thread during this crazy time, and thanks to @Michael for being such a gracious host.

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    I’m grateful for the occasional, unexpected moments of kindness on here. A couple of folks have bought albums, so I could put some money back into a devs pot and buy an app, and yesterday @kobamoto asked me how my sister was (who’s been sick). Came out of nowhere, and made me feel better about the world, knowing there’s still kind, thoughtful people out there.

    And of course the giggles and off-topic banter with a whole bunch of members I’d happily share a few pints in the pub with.

    Yeah, good place, and kudos to @michael for letting us hang out here.

  • Gratitude is such a fantastic antidote for when I drift into a negative attitude. I value it so much. Thanks for reminding me @LinearLineman.

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