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StepPolyArp AU... sync to host transport?

Wondering if I’m just missing something...

Is it possible to have SPAU be synchronized or quantized to the host transport?

Right now it will fire off as soon as it sees notes, even if transport is off. It also fires off as soon as those notes hit, so often an arp will be “off beat” because it doesn’t seem to synchronize or quantize those messages... so an arp will be “started” on like the second 32nd note or something if the chord comes in slightly off... which sounds horrible...

Am I just missing something cause I don’t see any options to control these aspects...


  • Yeah, this is annoying. Summoning @aplourde, might know.

  • @auxmux said:
    Yeah, this is annoying. Summoning @aplourde, might know.

    Heh, I'm an avid user, but not an expert on all the subtleties. That said, what I've seen:

    In Arpeggiator mode, it only responds to notes, not host transport. So it will play when it receives MIDI notes, even with a stopped transport and irrespective of the Speed timing.

    However, it should be syncing its Speed to the host sync when the transport is running (e.g. if Speed is 1/4, it should be on the same timing as 1/4 notes in the host), this is what I'm seeing.

    Of course, in Arp mode it always starts from the beginning of the Grid Event matrix with every new non-legato chord.

    In Sequencer mode it will respond to the host transport and be synched to position, so the location in the Grid Event Matrix doesn't reset with new chords.

    Of course, running the transport in Sequencer mode will start playing whatever notes are saved with the Sequencer and if the transport is stopped it will still respond to MIDI, which is a little odd.

    If you're trying to get SPA to be locked to the transport, with the Event Grid not resetting (e.g. Sequencer mode), but don't want to hear the sequencer until you play new notes, one idea is to memorize a note that's well outside your normal range (e.g. MIDI note 0 or 128. Then use a MIDI filter to remove that note.

  • Thanks for the input guys. I’ve decide to just use it to spit out straight stream and do rhythmic stuff with midiGATEs

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