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Which apps are iOS7.x compatible?

Greetings all, my first post here.

I have an iPad2 running iOS 5.1.1, which I want to upgrade to iOS 7.1.
I have multiple apps installed covering many categories.
Many of which have been upgraded beyond iOS 5.x (in the Appstore) while many still remain unchanged at version (iOS 3.x ~ 5.x).

I want to upgrade by making a snapshot of all the installed apps in both iTunes and iFunBox, then perform a Factory Reset, then reinstall apps from the Appstore, probably leaving out quite a few which I wont use again.

My worry is - will the apps which still remain compatible with iOS (3.x ~ 6.x), run Ok in iOS 7.1 ?
Or will they be not compatible and give my errors?

Also - Is there a master list register of which apps are compatible with which iOs version ?



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    Usually, devs say "compatible with iOS XX.Y or later", so it could be some issues with some apps, but IMHO, go ahead.
    If one apps doesn't work properly in iOS 7.X, the dev surely will fix it.

  • Unfortunately on the iTunes Store when it says an app supports 5.x or 6.x or later on the left, it doesn't necessarily mean it has been tested in iOS7. I would look at the latest release date for that, which may take some digging on your part. A recent update would suggest support.

    I can tell you that Chord Organ and Kinderklavier are both iOS7/7.1 Compatible :)

    Scott McKay Gibson, Owner, SMG Media

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