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Dragonfly Cobalt

New Dragonfly Cobalt has arrived. It's And small, even smaller than the Red was. Nice. Full thoughts once I've had a few days to give it a proper listen.


  • For iOS? I thought the iPhone/iPad DACs were pretty decent.

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    For iOS and when I need to do studio work while traveling. I won't always use this with my iPhone, I'm fine with the apple adaptor most times. But for detailed listening sessions I do enjoy it.

  • Cool. I know you have some tasty high end IEMs and a pair of mastering ears so you probably hear more of a difference in DAC upgrades. πŸ™‚

  • @gusgranite said:
    For iOS? I thought the iPhone/iPad DACs were pretty decent.

    Well the advantage of using a Dragonfly with any of the newer devices is that it lets you control the sample rate. That was what got me to buy them for my iPhone - the Apple lightning to headphone adapter locks the sample rate to 48khz.

    I have both the Dragonfly Black and the Red (but not the Cobalt) - I can't really tell any difference between them, however they both drive my Senn HD650s comfortably and I really like them: these DACs are really small and portable and can drive any headphone you plug into them.

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