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EG Pulse, chromatic pads assignment

I want to use my ipad to do what i sometimes do on my mpc1000 with JJos2xl.

I've looked at Digistix and Chameleon (both by 4 pockets) approx 20$CAD for both
and EG Pulse, about 20$CAD as well

Digistix has the round robin feature, which is kind of important, but i could do without.
I also need to create instrument patches (pianos, organs etc.), Chameleon does that easily.

EG Pulse on the other hand cannot do round robin, but can auto slice and assign to pads which is really important for me to play drum loop slices with my midi pads.

Now the information i can't find is if it's easy to create an instrument patch with EG pulse ?
Basically i want to load in some samples (ex: wurlyA1, wurlyD#1 wurlyA2.. etc.) and have them assigned chromatically to pads so i can trigger them from my host DAW (Auria Pro).

Thank you.


  • In both DigiStix and EG Pulse it's as easy as loading samples for a kit basically same procedure load the samples from somewhere switch to Key mode or whatever it called in Pulse. In Digistix there no way to play the samples chromatically that I'm aware of but can change the pitch on each step if you want.

    In Pulse, the problem is patterns can only have 16 steps which is pretty lame and I almost requested a refund because of that issue alone. But I have since warmed up to Pulse but damn 16 steps WTF??????.

    For what you want to do, to be honest I would use Impc Pro 2 not an AU but is a way better solution for what you want to do. BeatMaker 3 as well.

  • thank for sharing ! as i understand it, if i want to use more than one instance of Pulse in my DAW (Auria Pro) i have to use an app that's AUv3 compatible, and lightweight on the CPU (ideally, using ipad mini 4).

    i was thinking impc pro 2 and beatmaker (both more expensive) would be overkill for my needs and would be more taxing to my CPU since i don't need fully fledged daws inside my daw.

    also, i'm not really planning on using patterns all that much because the sounds will be triggered in a live fashion by drum pads and keyboards and the performances will be recorded, mostly because i'm going for that live musician feel for those tracks and also that i'll use changing time signatures throughout songs.

    i know you can assign a sample chromatically of a one pad, in the mpc1000 it's achieved by assigning a different pitch value to that one pad, but if playing from a keyboard with midi, the mpc1000 will trigger the other pads because the 16 values of pitch are local to the mpc, not sure if i'm saying this correctly..

  • So in your case then sounds like Pulse should work for you. if you're just trigging the pads live the pattern length won't matter in that case.

  • edited May 21

    but will i still be able to play say a piano note mapped to all pads with an external midi keyboard ? because technically, in the pulse environment, if it's anything like an mpc1000, you're actually playing only 1 pad (in 16 levels, so only one midi note) with different pitch values..

    as opposed to having a pitched sampled hard assigned to each pad, sorry this is hard to explain for me, if only there was a trial version i could just check it out you know.

  • In Pulse in the chromatic mode it functions like the MPC you select the pad, then when you play the pads there pitched but all the pad or triggering the same sample. I haven't used Pulse with a keyboard connected but I suspect it would work how you want. You may also want to checkout Digikeys its basically Chameleon and Digistix combined into one app. And there are two sample slicing au apps that can be played chromatically coming out very soon one by the same person who makes Pulse so you should maybe hold off a few days before making a decision.

  • oh wow, cool to hear about the new apps ! it's so hard to wait though, i need to play beats and lyra sampler ain't cutting it !

  • @soulgolem - hooked up my Arturia Keystep to my iPad
    -loaded an 808 kit in EG Pulse
    -tapped the cowbell pad (to choose it)
    -tapped the keys mode in Pulse
    -played the Keystep and the cowbell sound was being played chromatically (melodically) up + down the keys
    -if I go back to pads mode in Pulse, I hear the separate kit pieces of the 808 kit
    is that partially what you were looking to do?

  • royor ! thank you so much for trying it out, yea that's exactly what i want to do, now hopefully, the setting is remembered when i open my project in auria pro, i'm not sure if auv3 are supposed to be like the au plugins i used with logic x on the computer, like the plugins settings are saved with the project ? or do you have to save within the app the preset so that it can be recalled when the project is up ?

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