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Playbeat AU midi... not seeing it...

So I’m guessing it’s just that playbeat midi is “non-standard”... I put playbeat in a midi track in AUM, and it’s nowhere to be seen as a midi source... I see the ability to pick a midi destination in playbeat’s config, but that’s jacked up... you should not need to pick a destination in AU midi. Picking AUM as a destination from within an AU, inside AUM is stupid...

Am I missing something?


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    Maybe it is redundant for AUM, but for DAWs like Cubasis it makes it easy to route Midi from PB to other tracks in the host.
    I would imagine it would be the same in some of the other DAWs.

    For instance, Pure Acid does not let you route Midi from within the AU, so Cubasis has trouble sending the Midi from Pure Acid to other tracks, or even moving the midi from the PA sequencer to the Cubasis sequencer.
    I was just looking at a thread about that combo.

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