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Rendelsham: The Halt Tape - an Erik Sigth-a-thon

edited May 2020 in Creations

The Truth Is Out There...

This is what lockdown will do to you. So many internet rabbit holes, so much time... so I followed up on a recent discussion on a different thread here:

re all things Lovecraftian and the recent, brilliant BBC Sounds relocation of his Whisperer In Darkness:

to the real-life 1980 UFO mystery known as The Rendelsham Forest Incident, aka the British Roswell:

This in turn led me to noted British science writer and broadcaster Ian Ridpath whose website hosts for download ‘The Halt Tape’ an 18 minute verbatim audio recording of US airforce men having a close encounter of the weird kind in the Suffolk woods.

Long story short (yes I edited the tape for length) I set it to a minimal backing made out of iBassist and All of @humbletune ’s wonderful apps. (Just couldn’t resist Completing My Bundle.)

This is the result. No great claims made for the setting, but I like the way it works with the words, which are doing all the heavy lifting here. Trust me, it gets weird...

For the record, and before you reach for your own tin foil hat, the considered opinion of Mr Ridpath is in agreement with the servicemen’s senior officer, which is that it was “just a bunch of guys screwing around in the woods.“ Decide for yourself. Access the full tape, his transcript, and analysis here:

***Update on the rights issue. ***

Just had this response from Mr Ridpath:

“I have no objection at all to you using the Halt tape. It's not mine – in fact there is no copyright on it. “

So: party on, dudes! :)


  • I bet Ian would be more than happy to have his message spread by your music.

  • edited May 2020

    @rs2000 : I am happy to report you are correct :smile: He also pointed me to a Thomas Dolby thing inspired by the Orford Ness Lighthouse which was involved in the, ahem ‘incident’:

    Mr Dolby’s thing comes over a little cringeworthy, IMO, fan though I am of his earlier work, but you have to admit - his production values top mine :)

  • @Svetlovska Thomas Dolby did a lot of wonderful stuff quite a while ago, top notch productions 😃👍🏼
    My personal favorite album is Aliens Ate My Buick.

  • Look forward to listening to that later.

    Just finished an Eno biography. He lived a couple of miles from there and reported seeing a UFO.

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