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A bit of music made searching for peace after my fathers passing

Peace to you all


  • Thank you all for your posts personal and private. Love you all.

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    Really good track! And I love the bubbling sounds, it suits its name. Nice groove and melody, I may be just reading things into it but I feel a mood of tenderness and acceptance. Watch your levels though, it's clipping at times. :p

    Hope you are feeling a bit better. I've been there myself with this exact situation, as I'm sure many here have. Listening to this I feel a few tears bubbling up for the passing of my own old man a few years ago.

    Time will heal this.

  • Thank you very much. I hope whatever emotions I stirred up wasn’t entirely painful. Sorrow isn’t bad, it isn’t the greatest, but it can help us focus on what we hold dear.

    Tell someone you love them.

    Should have routed stuff to a master bus and used a limiter but I just needed to get it out.

  • Exactly, there is a tendency in so much of our culture to avoid negative emotions of any kind. Many of them are necessary and helpful.

    Tell someone you love them. Yes, good advice this... thank you

  • very cool track. thank you for sharing.

  • My dad died suddenly when I was 17. For years I dreamt of him. In the dreams we both got older. So we fought.... then things changed. We reconciled. We aged and I wound up taking care of him... in my dreams. My mom lived to 98. The last few years I took care of her. One parent in Florida. One in my dreams. Now they are both memories... like they were both a dream.

  • As all of us here will be too some day, sooner or later. Such is life and death. From the vantage point of the future, we are already just dreams. Recollect this fact can be a guide to sane living if you let it.

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